Let your Marble Bench tops Speak for your elegant Style & Taste!

A marble bench top looks elegant, right? So, why not make it a part of your home! If you are looking to enhance the look of your home, and want everyone to know about your impeccable taste, you need to add marble. Now, do not go over-board, and add marble on tables everywhere! Restrain is the key to elegance. You need to know exactly where and how you could add them for that pizzazz. Confused? You perhaps need the help of a good store or agency to install marble!

Have you ever seen a marble kitchen bench top? Well, maybe you could get one at your own home! It will be an amazing addition. Oh, you already have marble installed on some bench tops?! Well, good for you! Just remember one thing; you need to take care of the marble, if you plan on enjoying the beautiful look of the bench tops for years to come!     

What are the Issues you need to be worried about for your marble bench tops?

Did you know that even Superman had kryptonite to weaken him?! So, what makes you think that marble is invincible?! The truth is that however strong marble is, it also has a few kinds of kryptonite. They are as follows:

1. Abrasion Attack

It is a nemesis of marble, making it highly susceptible to such an attack. The common culprits are abrasive cleaning agents and different kind of kitchen utensils that do not have protective covering.

2. Chemical Attack

Did you spill lemon juice, vinegar or tomato juice on your marble top? Do you plan to clean it immediately? Well, you should. Most often people forget about such spills and it dries up on your marble top. With continued exposure to such neglect, the marble comes under chemical attack. Another cause for chemical attacks are improper cleaning agents.  

How Should You Maintain Your Marble Bench Tops?

The major problem that a marble bench top must deal with include etching and staining. Marble is quite durable; but from scratches and cracks, not from etching and staining! So, you will need to take steps to avoid harming your marble bench tops.

Here are some don’ts in the maintenance of a marble bench top:

1. Never use vinegar, bleach or Windex on marble for cleaning it. These eat at the surface and make it dull.

2. Refrain from using cleaner and pads or you could cause microscopic damage to the marble, which will catch dust and moisture to completely destroy the marble top.

Now that you know the don’ts, do think you need some help with the do-s? Well, here’s a handy list!

1. Use a mild soap and warm water to clean the surface of the marble tops.

2.  If, dirty water falls on marble surface, wipe it clean immediately.

3. To protect the marble from etching and staining, make sure that you use a sealant spray at least once a month.

4. Hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of ammonia can work wonders for marble that has suffered a spill. Just remember, that we said a few drops, just enough to dissolve the stain and not harm the marble’s top surface. If you go over-board on ammonia, you will be damaging the marble and not benefit it!

5. Has the etching already occurred? If yes, then use a marble polishing powder with a few drops of water and a damp cloth.

Now, you are ready to show-off your beautiful home with its awe-inspiring décor to all your guests, relatives, friends and acquaintances! Add some lovely marble topsaround various sections of the house. It is sure to enhance the décor and earn you amazing accolades. Speak to experts at the reputed stores who have expertise in this area; they will help you create an elegant décor for your home with marble bench tops as centrepieces!

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