Tons Of Love In Every Wub

With baby #2 due in 79 days (not that I am counting or anything)  I am on the search for new and great products for baby.  I have my eye out for anything that could make life with a newborn a little easier.  I am looking for things that I didn’t have with my son that I should have this time around.  WubbaNub is among the things that I am going to try with baby WubbaNub is the answer for lost pacifiers and fussy children everywhere!  Carla Schneider, founder of WubbaNub, created the first one for her son.  She was tired of “missing pacifier syndrome” and took matters into her own hands.  Soon enough her baby was happy and so was she.  Over the last decade well over half a million of these cute little guys have been sold!  That is a lot of happy babies and a lot of less stressed mommies!!

“The soft plush portion provides comfort to the touch and makes it so much easier for the baby’s little hands to grasp and manipulate the pacifier them self. Which means fewer bouncing, rolling and lost pacifiers and less rooting around in the stroller or bag to find the pacifier.”Celebrity Baby Trends sent me the Brown Puppy WubbaNub for my little bundle of joy on the way.  This soft little puppy is sure to be my little guys favorite buddy.  WubbaNub is an all in one pacifier with plush; they are not separate.  This is nice because you don’t have any hidden spots where germs can hide.  The pacifier can be washed off in warm water or toss the whole WubbaNub in the washer!  I also like that the WubbaNub’s weight and size is carefully calculated to keep it “near baby’s mouth, whether in the car seat, baby sling, carrier and stroller and even while you hold your baby!”Made with a Soothie this pacifier is BPA, PVC, and Phyhalate Free.  Soothies are also medical grade and latex free.  This is why they are used in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide.  My son wasn’t a huge pacifier kid but when he did take one he would ONLY take a Soothie.I can’t wait to use this with my new little guy.  I have seen babies around town using WubbaNub’s so that is a good sign!!  WubbaNub is currently available in 15 different styles and can be found at fine children’s boutiques, Department stores and Toy stores across the nation, as well as select on-line boutiques.  WubbaNub would make a great addition to a baby shower present…imagine it topping a diaper cake!!  They would also make great stocking stuffers, Easter basket stuffers, or welcome to the world gifts!

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