Celebrate With Hersheys

Easter is Sunday April 20th. We are eager with egg-citement over here! Do you fill your children’s Easter baskets with candy or toys? I am trying to keep things simple this year. In the past I have filled their baskets to the brim with all sorts of candy and toys. I want to keep the emphasis of Easter on what it symbolizes this year so I am trying to cut back. I figure I will put out a small little basket with a chocolate bunny and a few little candy’s for each of my three children. I think that is more than enough for them. We are eagerly awaiting warmer weather at our neck of the woods. While it’s still a bit too cold to get outside and play, we are finding fun ways to play indoors. That means trying out new recipes and getting my kids familiar with cooking and working together in the kitchen. Check out all the fun Hershey’s candy that arrived on our doorstep. Can we say yummy?!

My mom was up visiting us and she decided to have some fun with our Hershey’s goodies and the kids. The kids jumped right in and helped make these fun cupcakes. They decorated them with frosting, Hershey’s kisses and jolly rancher jelly beans (these jelly beans are really good, if you haven’t tried them you MUST!!). You can check out other fun Easter recipes at celebratewithhersheys.com. I was just over there and saw some cute recipes to make for my family this Spring and Easter.We love candy around our home. I have to say I am a choco-holic. My kiddos can smell out my hiding spots. No matter how hard I hide my candy, they seem to sniff them out. When they do, I find empty wrappers and that means time to move my spot. The one thing they have not learned yet is to hide their evidence. I am sure that will come soon enough. Now I understand why my mom hide her candy when we were little.

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