Safety With Style Ila Review

Keeping my children safe is a top priority for me.  I know I can’t control every aspect of their lives, but I hope that by taking precautions, hazards can be significantly reduced.  With that said, I have extra concern for the fact that I have daughters.  Women can be the targets of stronger predators.My dad gave me a can of mace as I left for college.  Remembering back, I didn’t quite get his concern at the time, but I found out quickly while walking campus at night, that it gave peace of mind having some measure of security with me.   As dad reminded me, never be too cautious and always be aware of your surroundings.Ila is a company I discovered that helps women feel more secure when they’re out and about or even while home alone.  They have managed to combine safety with style by creating products that are colorful and feminine yet meet protection needs by setting off high pitched siren alarms.  Their products are perfect for moms on the go and their young daughters.

ila Security’s range of multi-tasking fashion accessories means that you’ve a choice of great-looking personal alarms and security devices for any activity, day or night. Whether you’re out jogging, walking home from work, travelling or visiting friends, our handbag charm, pedometer, keyring and door protector all look fabulous so that you can match them to your wardrobe. And if you ever find yourself in a threatening situation, simply press a button or pull a chain to activate an ear-piercing alarm, or scream-like yell, to repel an attacker and help summon assistance. With a busy life why compromise on safety or style?I received the Ila Pebble personal keyring in red with white polka dot and the Ila Wedge in turquoise and purple.  The  Ila Pebble is easy to use and I doubt many people would even know what it was hanging from your keys.  The keyring has a button on the front that you push down as you simultaneously pull on the top jump ring portion.  Once the top piece is removed it triggers a 130dB siren until it is put back into place.  My girls and I played with it a few times and each time the siren went off, we grabbed for our ears.  This noise definitely is piercing and will catch the attention of others.

The Ila Wedge is really cool.  I plan on taking it on vacation with us when we stay at hotels.  It’s a wedge shaped alarm that sits on the floor next to the door.  You turn it on from the bottom and put it in place.  When the door is opened and puts pressure onto the wedge a 130dB siren goes off.  Not only will the ear piercing sound annoy an intruder, but the wedge also helps to keep the door from opening further.  This would have been perfect for my dorm room while back in college……and would make a great gift for a graduate heading off to college this fall!Ila also makes a personal alarm that attaches to handbags, a pedometer/running alarm and a handbag hook/compact mirror alarm.  Each of them produce the same shrill sound to disorient an attacker or thief.
Thanks Ila for helping to keep women safe with your fantastic products!

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