Man! It Feels Like A Woman! {Comotomo Review}

Let me start by saying, motherhood is wonderful!  Moms are the luckiest humans on the earth!  I just can’t get enough of my son.  I love just holding and kissing him all day.  One thing I really love is feeling like I am providing and taking care of him.Beckham is breastfed.  It is a big job for me but it is good for him and for our pocketbook   Lets be honest though.  There are some times, like it or not, that I am going to have to give him a bottle.  Whether it is because he took a nice long nap and I would have exploded if I didn’t pump, because I couldn’t produce enough to satisfy his belly and supplementing with formula was the only way to go, or because the Mr. and I are going out and he is going to need some food while I am gone.  Just because a baby is nursed doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for bottles.
I didn’t know this though before he was born.  I guess I just thought breastfed equals breast fed.  I didn’t know anything about bottles but I have been learning now that the little man is here.

Comotomo is a bottle made to feel natural.  This helps baby to not be so confused when going back and forth between bottle and breast.  They also have a natural shape, are soft, and are made from silicone.  This helps babies transition smoothly from nursing to bottle feeding.  These bottles are also equipped with vents, designed to prevent colic, and completely eliminate leaks.  It also allows babies to get more milk, less air and slow milk-flow to reduce vacuum that can lead to ear pain and bubbles.They are even stress free for mom and dad!  Each bottle is 100% BPA free and the wide-neck design makes it easy to clean!  Plus, the heat resistant silicone is safe for dishwashers, microwaves, and boiling water. The combination of function and design makes this a truly unique item and a winner of the prestigious IF Design award. They are quite possibly the most thoughtful bottles ever made.Comotomo bottles are available in 5 oz ($15.99) and 8 oz ($16.99) bottles.  You can get them in either soft pink or soft green.  Simply change out the nipple for each stage of baby’s bottle feeding career…slow flow, medium flow, or fast flow.  Purchase them on Amazon.I have used this bottle for Beckham numerous times.  He LOVES it!  It is the only bottle we have with a slow enough flow for his little mouth.  The others make him drown a little.We took it to a restaurant last night and my hubby’s cousin was laughing that it was so “life like.”  I told her how much I loved that because my son doesn’t get so confused that way.  She hadn’t seen anything like it.  In fact she commented on how far bottles had come since the glass kind she used with her children.  She was impressed by Comotomo.

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