Ju Ju Be Hobobe In Silver Ice Diaper Bag Review

I wish my babies were still babies. (tear tear) It seems they grow up more and more each day and I long for the days when they would let me just sit and cuddle them. We are pretty much the have-to-have everything in a diaper bag phase. That is why I was excited to try out the  Ju-Ju-Be HoboBe in Silver Ice. It’s the perfect size for my use. While I only need a few things like wipes and diapers, it’s got me covered and I still get a ‘cute & stylish’ diaper bag. Then when I need to run errands without the kiddos, I can and I don’t have to switch back over to my purse. It’s cute enough to use everyday!First off I love the mommy pocket. My own personal pocket for just me!!! I love to keep my chapstick and lip gloss in this secret spot. It also has a place to put your keys, that way you know where they are when needed. How many times have you dug for your keys for minutes on end? I usually end up dumping the bag!!

The interior features a lot of organizational spots. There are spots perfect for bottles, pacifiers, and wipes. You name it you can put it in here. It’s such a nice teflon material so that means no stains. You can easily wash this diaper bag in your washing machine and air dry. I just use baby wipes to wipe it down when needed. It also features AgION antimicrobial linings. What does that mean you ask? It kills germs, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and other gross things. That means clean storage for all your babies needs. I also love that the inside is light colored. No more black hole. When I need an item I can generally find it quicker, unless it’s totally full of random stuff like receipts and papers, etc. Yes, sometimes I am a slob in my diaper bag/purse.It features a very thin light weight changing pad in the back snap pocket. Perfect for those quick needed changes while on the go. This bag also features two outside pockets for bottles, water bottles, and more. Easy access and they are Thinsulate by 3M. So you can keep items hot or cold while on the run.I love the attention to details. It’s the little details that really make me love this brand. See the adorable bling on the metal hardware. Yep metal! No cheap plastic here. High quality all around.I love the small size of this diaper bag. It’s perfect for moms that are leaving the baby stage….Yes they grow up way to fast!!
Want to see it first hand? Check out the video below:

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