Safe And Secure Santas Little Helpers

This year my personal motto was “This is my year”.  My goal was to lose 50 lbs and I did it!  I had a bunch of people ask how I did it….diet and exercise…bummer huh!?  No magic pill here.  One the bright side though I have fallen in love with weight training and running.  This summer and fall I looked forward to the time of each day when I could go for a run outside.When I would go running I loved running up the canyon.  I had to drive there which means I had to find a place to keep my car keys safe.  I usually just tied it to my shoe laces and tucked it under for safe keeping.  I can’t tell you how many times I would look down to make sure it was still there.  I also didn’t have a place to keep my gum and chapstick, staples for a long run.Because workout pants don’t have pockets it is always a bit of a dilemma as to where to put things…on the shoelaces? In the sports bra? In your sock?  Well, who wants sweaty gum at mile 5?  Who wants a chapstick lump on the left side of their chest?  Not me!  That is why The RooSport is a great solution for no pocket workout pants.

The RooSport is a replacement for those bulky workout belts that leave a sweat ring around your waist or even worse chaffing.  This magnetic pocket fits easily on your workout wear…skirts or pants.  Place your credit card, energy shots, gum, chapstick, car key, even your cell phone in this handy little pocket when you run, jog, walk, biking, or workout at the gym.  You could even use it when you go shopping or on vacation!It is so simple to use!  Just use the super heavy duty magnet to go over the waistband of your pants and wa-lah!  You now have a pocket!!  You don’t have to worry about the magnet being too weak.  It is strong enough to hold it on your pants, even jeans, but not so strong that it will affect your cell phone or credit cards.  It is also a great place to hold inhalers, insulin pumps, or EPI pens if you need them.Although I am not running outside I still use my RooSport.  I use it at the gym.  I keep my car keys in it rather than trusting that they will be in the cubby I left them in after my hour long workout.  I also don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving my keys on the treadmill.  (Not all gyms are as honest as mine.)  There is a section without a zipper and a section with a zipper.  This is nice because then I don’t have to keep wondering if my keys are there or not.This handy little device is a perfect present for the workout lover in your life!  It is one size fits all so you can’t go wrong!  For $14.99 you can get this cool little pouch.  For $24.99 you can get one big enough to hold your passport!

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