Cable Keeps Goldie Holiday Gifts

Who doesn’t like some personality?! Well it is time to add some to your iPhone/iPod charger. Nice By Design has come up with Cable Keeps “Goldie”.The Goldie is perfect to help you keep your charger cord tangle free no matter where it is placed. There are times when I have had to take my charger on the go. When I put it in my purse my charger gets lost. Yeah, I have one of those bottomless purses that even I can’t find anything in! Goldie helps me to be a little more organized and my cord does not get tangled around everything it comes into contact with.One of my favorite features is that I am able to stand my iPhone on the Goldie while it is charging. Normally it is laying on the floor waiting for someone to smash the screen as they walk through my bedroom.

The Goldie is very easy to use. Simply slide charger through the front of the Goldie and connect USB cord. Then wrap charger around the “tail”. It also comes in 7 different colors!Cable Keeps “Goldie” would be a great stocking stuffer with a practical price of only $13.00!

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