Classy Comfort Holiday Gifts

The holidays are coming!  To me this means food, shopping, family, more food, snow, more shopping, and more joy.  I can’t get enough of the holiday season.  I just love the hustle and bustle of people shopping for other people. I could shop all day…too bad my wallet won’t cooperate with this desire.  Good thing my shoe can though.Dansko is a brand of shoes everyone should own.  More than twenty years ago a husband and wife team found these amazing shoes in Europe and brought them to the USA to share the comfort with their friend and family.  Pair after life changing pair people love Dansko  Once you own a pair you will wonder why you hadn’t owned them before.They are amazingly comfortable. Doctors, waitress, teachers, hairstylists, on the go moms…everyone’s feet need these. They will make your feet happy.

Dansko sent me the most wonderful ankle boots, the MARIA, from the Tivoli Collection. These are pretty much the most comfortable boots I own.  They seriously are amazing! They have a 2″ heel but don’t be afraid, you won’t even notice it.  These leather boots feature optimal arch support and a roomy rounded toe. They even come preprotected with Scotchguard!These shoes have carried me from store after store after store. I have been in the snow with them and in the cool airwith them. They are so comfortable that they are going to see a lot of holiday cheer this year as they carry me all around town.These boots are available in black, brown, and taupe. They retail for $170 and are with every penny of that. These are classic boots that will last for years and years and will be your favorite for all of those years.  These are not just some cheap shoe store boot.  These are Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y!!! That’s right!  I love my boots so much I want the same pair in taupe!  Aren’t they beautiful!!

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