RMRV Holiday Gifts 2012: Shout Has Your Back {Shout #REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY}

Here’s the scene. You are at your Hubby’s company Christmas party. You are lookin’ hot in your new cream cashmere sweater… when all of a sudden, the boss’s wife bumps into you and splashes red wine down your back…. or, which is more likely to happen to me, you turn around and elbow someone who is getting ready to take a big bite of bbq smoky appetizer, leaving a big red smear on your elbow! Or… how about this. You are at the big holiday dinner with the family, have just sat down, and with your first bite of cranberry sauce, you get elbowed by your favorite nephew and it all goes down the front. Do any of these scenarios sound remotely familiar? I know for me the holidays always mean more messes. A Lot of the time it’s the before prepping/cooking that gets me… even when I’m wearing an apron! I’m at my families house, which means I’m not in grubby clothes while I cook, and that’s when the “fun” happens! Well, never fear! Shout has your back with all those holiday messes! I was generously sent some Shout Triple Acting formula stain remover along with some Shout Wipes, and let me tell you, they are a lifesaver. I was able to take the wipes with me over Thanksgiving and they came in handy on more than one occasion. They are individually packaged and are easy to throw in your purse to always have on hand. You just throw them away when you’re done and the stain absorbing clothes instantly remove stains, literally lifting them off your clothes. They are perfect for clothing, carpet and auto interiors. How about that ride to Grandma’s when Peanut spills his juice in the back seat?! They are also safe for all colorfast washables, so I don’t have to worry about them ruining my clothing. These babies are a life saver! I will never be without them again, because you never know when life is going to hit you with a curve ball!… or at least some rogue sauce!

I was also super impressed with the Shout Triple Action spray. It lifted all the stains out of all our clothes when I got home and had to tackle Mt. Laundry. Such a life saver! It’s super thick and clings to clothes, gets right in there and lifts away stains. Shout is the #1 stain lifting brand and is trusted in households across America!Would it sound crazy for a pack of the wipes to end up in someone’s stocking? I would be thrilled to see those in mine! And, the spray would make a PERFECT white elephant gift! Practical, but would give a laugh too!
Shout brand products are available nation wide in the laundry section of your retailer. Thanks Shout! May your holidays be filled with Joy, not stains!Today Shout is generously giving away a pack of Wipes and a bottle of Triple
Action Spray to one lucky winner!

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