RMRV Holiday Gifts: Groovy Cool Hair Ties {Dye Ties #Review}

Every morning my girls and I have the same discussion.“How are we doing your hair?” “I guess a pony.” “Grab a ponytail holder.”  Hair ties are a huge part of our day. We have four girls in the house and that is a lot of hair to braid, pull up, or at least get brushed.  I love to do fun hair do’s, but sometimes most of the time we just don’t have the time to do it.  Even if we don’t have the time for fancy schmancy hair do’s, cute do’s are a must!  We love hair bows , flowers and headbands…anything that makes your hair extra cute.

We have a new addition to our “LOVE” list!  Dye Ties are freaking amazing!! Every woman, girl and person with long hair uses headbands and/or hair ties. We stash them in our cars, purses, desk drawers, gym bags and even wear them on our wrists for handy ponytails.Dye Ties is a hair tie or head band that doesn’t pull out your hair, doesn’t damage your hair, doesn’t leave a mark in your hair and you can wear them on your wrist without cutting off circulation!

 They are fun, fashionable, and handmade, so each one is unique… just like you.

I am not sure where to even start about what my favorite part is!  Let’s see, #1 would probably be that they don’t pull your hair.  With 3 daughters, we play spa a lot.  (I know this has nothing to do with Dye Ties, but I just have to show off my toenails from “De Spa” today’s spa party)  I love to have the girls do my hair, and they love to do it.  I get a lot of ponytails, braids, and tangles when they are trying to get the rubber bands out.  No more!  Dye Ties slip right out…but only when you want them to.  They are gym proof!!  I have pretty thick hair and have a hard time getting a ponytail to stay where I want it and as tight as I want it.

I wore a Dye Tie to the gym in a ponytail last week.  I ran 4 miles and when I was done, wallah!  Pony still in place!  I love that they stretch, but don’t snap or pull.   Best of all, these aren’t little girl things.  Don’t get me wrong, my little girls wear them, but so do I.  They are DARLING especially the glittery ones!  The headbands are just as amazing.  They stay put and don’t slip.  Again, the glitter is fantastic, but the dyed ones are super cute too.  I love that they are all hand made, even better that they are made in Utah, whoot whoot!! With over 100 colors of tie and bands, there is something that you are sure to love!!

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