A Must Have For Everyone On The Nice List Holiday Gift Guide

After  a new mommy has a baby and all the baby showers are over, what do you get her for Christmas?  Or what do you get that sweet little tiny angel that isn’t another onesie? BSensible is the sensible bedding  for baby, kids, and adults!  Located around 100 miles northeast of Barcelona, Spain this wonderful company specializes in natural textiles that are laminated, bringing us the latest generation of waterproof and breathable products.BSensible sheets have incorporated zinc oxide (ZnO) into their products.  This eliminates odor-causing bacteria making sheets last longer without bacteria providing long-lasting freshness and comfort.  This effect remains active throughout the whole life of the product, even after repeated washing and drying.  PLUS these sheets are made from TENCEL a fabric more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.But the best part is it is waterproof!!!

This is perfect for babies with a diaper leak, toddlers learning to potty train, and dads and moms who share their beds.  These sheets are like a fitted sheet and protector in one!!!  I love this idea!  I love it for my kids but I want it for my bed too.  My son has wet MY BED twice in 1 week.  That has made it so I am washing my sheets AND my feather mattress pad TWICE!  I am sick of the laundromat.  If I had BSensible on my bed it would have kept the liquid on the top and not soaking through to the feather pad or heaven forbid the mattress!!  This technology is awesome and a HUGE lifesaver!!I received a crib sheet in grey and couldn’t wait to get it on my son’s bed.  It is soft on his skin.  It helps him stay the perfect temperature.  It doesn’t get that stink boy smell on day one.  It protects the mattress without sounding like he is sleeping on plastic.  This product is a winner!See the softness of the fabric!  See the shininess of the built in protector!  This is awesome!  Every mom needs one for her bed.  Every kid needs one for their bed.  every baby needs one for their bed.  This is one of my favorite gift ideas yet!

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