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I love my camera. I have a DSLR and I adore taking photos of my family and our adventures. Unfortunately if you own a DSLR or have seen them around, you know they can be a bit big & bulky. They also carry a hefty price tag so just tossing them in my diaper bag or purse is out of the question. Most of our outings I end up leaving the camera behind because I don’t want to risk anything happening to it, so we end up with no photos from several fun family days out. Or if it is a very special occasion, I have been known to wrap my camera in a diaper or towel to keep it protected while riding around in my purse. So silly, but makes me feel better about it. I have searched and searched for a stylish camera bag that isn’t too big, but big enough to carry my camera and some of the kids necessities; a few diapers, wipes, and a drink or two while we’re out. I have tried at least 5 different camera bags and still hadn’t solved my problem until Kelly Moore sent me her B-Hobo Bag in Walnut! {insert choirs of singing angels here}. I should have known that the perfect camera bag would have been created by an insanley talented photographer trying to solve a major photographer problem! We all want something sturdy, spacious, and yet super stylish.

Finally, a camera bag for photographers that gives you MOORE!!

I’m Kelly and I design camera bags for men and women that won’t cramp your style! As a photographer, I wanted a bag that I could carry with me anywhere, but didn’t scream, “I’m carrying expensive equipment”. Whether you are a pro photographer, a hobbyist or just someone who appreciates a great bag, we have something for you!

We want to give Men and Women great looking, high quality camera bags. that don’t look like camera bags.

This camera bag has seriously rocked my world! It has made my photography sessions so much easier and I can now take my camera along on all of our family outings without having to worry about it in my bag. It is beyond stylish, looks just like a purse, and is sturdy enough for my precious camera gear. The inside has 2 padded, removable, adjustable Velcro dividers; creating up to 3 sections for camera gear or other necessities. This amazing bag also has several pockets on the front, back, and sides to help organize all your little stuff! The top zippers shut and has a cute flap with a magnetic closure. I love that I can choose whether I want to use the shoulder strap or longer strap allowing me to wear the bag messenger style.

I have to say I usually go messenger style, but love having the option to switch it around and the shoulder pad is such a great touch! I think Kelly Moore thought of everything when designing this bag and designed it not only for photographers, but all women! She even has some amazing bags designed for men, but women can totally pull off! This bag goes everywhere with me; family outings, dinner with friends, & all of my photography sessions. I love that it can carry all of my camera gear I use during a session {Canon 50d body, 50mm lens, 24-70 lens, & external flash…and of course all the extra memory cards, batteries, and a little lip gloss!} and it is not too heavy. It has just enough room to fit everything I need without allowing me to overstuff and create a heavy mess! The variety of bags Kelly Moore offers is amazing. All different sizes, shapes; definitely something for everyone. She makes it so simple to choose the right bag for you by posting videos on her website showing each of the bags and what can fit inside. This helped me so much when making my decision about what bag would be a perfect fit in my life. Kelly Moore is giving all of our readers an amazing discount on her fabulous bags! Enter the code ‘realmoms’ and get $15 off your order!


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