RMRV Holiday Gifts: Inspiration To Get You Moving {Words To Sweat By #REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY}

Tomorrow is a big day for me.  My sister and I are running a 5K!  This isn’t my first 5K…I have run one other before…but I was in MUCH better shape.  It was pre-baby.  I was in great shape, weighed about 50 lbs less, and didn’t breathe as hard when I ran as I do now.Let me back up..when I was trying to conceive I was in the mentality of “It is okay if I don’t work out (or if I eat junk) because I am just going to get pregnant.”  Well 18 months and 40 lbs later I finally got pregnant.  I didn’t gain tons of weight while I was pregnant but can I get an AMEN when I say post-pregnancy bodies are not the same are pre-pregnancy bodies?!  Working out with this “new” body is totally different than before.  I am not 100% sure why but it is.Because of this “new” body and the fact that the baby weight is melting off me like it did on my friends I have had a really hard time staying motivated to workout.  I can use any motivation I can get to get my booty to the gym and my feet hitting the pavement.  New recipes, new work outs (hence the training for the 5K), a workout buddy…whatever!Clothes have always been a motivation for me, but usually it is a “loss 10 lbs and buy something new” kind of motivation.  Words To Sweat By is a totally different kind of clothing motivation.  There is motivation ON the clothing!  Now I can wear my inspiration.

Words To Sweat By not only creates inspirational  they sell clothing motivational accessories.  These products “will keep your funny bone in shape with the rest of you.”  Keep a dose of humor in your exercise routine with these great towels, hand stamped motivational jewelry, and note cards.Words To Sweat By has some of the funniest workout things.  I love them.  I would love taking them to the gym with me and show them off.   Look at these sweat towels:
Aren’t those the greatest?!  I love them.  I could really use one of these when I go to the gym.  Between running, turbo kickbox, and spin I am a big ball of sweat!  Mine would need to say something like, “Push it for more pasta.”  ha ha Or “I said “Ice your knee” not “Ice Cream”.  ha haShe also has some really great accessories to get you motivated and stay that way.Then there are here motivational tees and tanks.  Not only will you be looking good at the gym, but you can keep yourself and others inspired.I received a little motivation in a Words To Sweat By tank top.    It is a cute black ribbed tank with a word cloud on it that says “Healthy. Strong. Happy.” in many different languages.  I will be inspiring women of all backgrounds while I get my sweat on.  It also helps us be reminded that “the benefits gained by women’s health are bigger than just one person.”  Isn’t that the truth!?  When a women is unhealthy it effects more than just her.  It can effect her kids, her hubby, her family, and her friends.  Eat healthy, get a mammogram, and get a little sweat on your brow.

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