RMRV Holiday Gifts: Slip Into Something {A Slip Shop #Review}

Clothes are my friend–my BEST friend.  I love them!  However sometimes I have a hard time find a skirt or a dress with a hemline that is right for me. Sometimes Often times the hemline is too short.  Sometimes by 5 inches and sometimes by just an inch or two.  You know, finding that right hemline for your leg is really important.  It is the difference between having thick or thin knees or thighs or being classy or trashy. A Slip Shop has got you covered…literally!  A Slip Shop creators, Ann and Kaity, make custom slips that are meant to be seen.  These slips add interest and style to your skirt or dress while at the same time adding a little bit of length!  They are affordable and stylish.

I love these slips! I love that patterns, lace, frills, everything! I just love it all!! I received the Long Black Lace slip.  It is the best thing that has happened to my closet. You see, I still have a bit of baby weight on my body.

This means a few things:

1 my skirts and dresses are shorter than normal because my butt and gut take more fabric than intended   #2 I have thicker knees and thighs than I would like to at this point in my life.  With the A Slip Shop’s Long Black Lace slip my skirts and dresses add the extra length I need and cover up the thickness, helping make my legs look slimmer. If that isn’t magic enough this slip can transform the look of my skirts and dresses.  Adding a little lace to the bottom can help dress up my wardrobe. It can add some flare to the plain old same old.  OOO!  I just love these slips! PLUS! Now I can buy skirts and dresses that I perhaps wouldn’t normally because they were a tich to short.  I will just throw on my slip and I am good to go!

A Slip Shop makes slips in regualr and petite length.  Also, every slip is really affordable!  These would make a great present for the girls in your life. With sizes XS (0-2) – XL (16-18) you are sure to find something for all your ladies, teens, or moms. These are timeless…sassy, classy, flirty, and funky! A Slip Shop is offering RMRV readers 10% off!  Just use the code realmoms10   Thanks A Slip Shop!! Crissa graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Home and Family Living…the mom degree! Shortly after she found her dream guy and married. She is now the mother of a fabulous little boy!. She loves shopping, baking, getting pampered, blogging, chocolate, exercising, and traveling.

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