Fur His Face {Holiday Gifts}

Sometimes I have a hard time for the perfect gift for the guys in my life. Sure every guy likes a new shirt, tie, or cologne but I like to give unique useable gifts. I enjoy finding that special gift that fits their personality and needs perfectly. Beardski fits the fun and useable traits I look for in a gift. Beardski combines a ski mask with a beard! Ski masks although very needed are blah and a little freaky. Say no to blah and freaky but still stay warm and protected. Beardski! Whether your guy is a snowboarder, skier, snowshoer, snowmobiler, hunter, four wheeler, or even just a snow shoveler this ski mask will keep him warm while looking bomb. Beardski’s come in brown, white, red, orange, rasta, long, and short. Match their personality or give them a new identity. Facial fur is all the rage!

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Santa Adam

I received the Beardski Santa Beard for my husband. This cool ski mask is perfect for him. When he was younger he always loved to dress up as Santa. As he got older he was one of Santa’s many helpers at Christmas parties and in advertising. He is a Christmas fan for sure!! The Beardski is made with thermal fleece on the neck & neoprene on the mouth and chin for great ventilation. The fleece goes over the ears for added warmth. There is a large velcro at the back to make it adjustable for any head. The nose has a slit in the material for easy breathing while allowing you to wipe your nose without having to take the whole beard off. Great for those drippy winter noses! The mouth area is vented so you can breath but your lips are protected from the wind and cold air. Bye, bye chapped windblown lips. Beardski is water resistant, washable, and non-flammable.

Beardski Details

Never once did he complain about the beard going in his mouth or up his nose like you would if you were wearing this beard at Halloween time. Once I did a Santa 5K. We were all dressed as Santa’s while we ran. There is no way I could run in that beard…it was all in my mouth and nose. Beardski would have solved that problem and kept me looking like a cool Santa. Now don’t think that these are just for the guys! I pulled this out to show my sister-in-law and her friend and they were so excited about it. I pulled up the site to show them all the options and they were going nuts over them. In the friends exact words, “Oh my gosh! I need one of each!! These are so amazing!”

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