Fun And Inexpensive Birthday Party Gift Bag Ideas For Kids

Most children absolutely love having birthday parties. It’s a time when they get to hang out with their friends, do fun things…and get lots and lots of presents.As the parent of the child and the host of the event, you may have been thinking that it would be nice for the kids that came bearing gifts to not leave empty-handed. However, you’re not sure about what kind of birthday party gift bags that you can make that will be enjoyable for the children, while being relatively inexpensive for you.If you’re someone who has only a little time to come up with some big ideas, here are seven ideas to inspire you to create gift bags that everyone will love and remember.

Plant a (candy) garden. If your child had a birthday party outside, why not give a gift that centers around the outdoor theme? Most children like brownies and candy, so consider combining the two. Bake some brownies and then purchase some lollipops that look like flowers and “plant them” into the brownie. It’s not just cute, but really tasty too. How about a grab bag? One cool thing about places like the Dollar Store is that they have a ton of items that are child-focused that are also really cheap. Kids like surprises, so consider loading up on several different items and then pasting a big question mark on the outside of the bag. It will give them something to wonder about (and look forward to) until they get to their own house to open the bag up.Little girls love “girly” bags. If the party is for your daughter, fill little pink paper bags (that you can usually get at Target or Wal-Mart) with barrettes, lip gloss and glittery polish.
Center it around a theme. Another option is to give the kids something to remember the party by. If you threw a party that was centered around a theme, purchase some items that directly relate to it. For instance, if your son had a Spiderman party, get some Spiderman socks, pencils, buttons and key chains. If it was a princess party, purchase some plastic tiaras and costume jewelry.Give them a treasure chest. What child doesn’t like digging for treasure? You can find some relatively inexpensive little boxes at craft stores like Joanne’s and Hobby Lobby. You can fill them with chocolate candy with “gold coin” wrapping, plastic telescopes, beads and even a few real coins. After all, a quarter goes much further in a child’s life than it does once you’re an adult.

Make a snow globe. A really cute idea for winter-themed parties is to purchase a little snow globe that provides you with an option to put a picture inside of it. Throughout the party, capture shots of each child with your digital camera, print them off and put the picture inside of the snow globe.A “favorite things” bag. For a party that was strictly invitation-only, send out an Evite to the parents and set up a section where they can “click here” to fill out a questionnaire about their child as it relates to things like their favorite colors and things that they might collect like toy cars or butterfly items. Purchase these things in trinket form, put their name on a gift tag to place on the bag and hand out the customized bag to each one, individually, as they leave the party. That way, while your child may have been the guest of honor, the other children will still feel like they were an important part of the event too.

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