Snack Ages

When I got home from work tonight, the kids had done homework and were plopped on the couch watching TV. Josh had already left for work, which meant that I may get a minute to myself.  I threw some dinner together for the kids but didn’t want to eat with them because I was going to have some “me time” and go for a run.  I got started a little late, so I could only run about 4 miles then it was too dark. When I got home, I was starving.  It is hard to go for a run then come home and eat something that is less than healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I have stopped on the way home from a run to get a shake and fries.  But you just feel better when you make good choices.  I went to the pantry and saw  Chicken of the Sea To Go Cups staring at me.  They looked absolutely delish.   I grabbed a few crackers and a cup of Albacore Tuna and had me a yummy little snack.  It was the perfect treat to have after a run!  It re energized and filled my tummy all at once.

Chicken of the Sea has 4 different flavors of these handy single serve cups. They come in Chunk Light Tuna, Albacore Tuna, Tuna Salad and Pink Salmon.  I would like to say I tried them all, but Josh swiped a few for work, my kids have had them as after school snacks, but I have gotten a couple in my lunch box as well.  My kids liked all 4 flavors, but the Tuna Salad was my favorite.  The plastic cups they come in are sealed with a lid that peels off.  They are very easy to open and even easier to eat!  They are great with crackers or alone. The Chicken of the Sea To Go Cups are a perfect addition to any meal.  They are great for lunches, an afternoon snack at home or work, an on the road power snack.  They are a must have for anyone on the go!  Not only are they convenient, but they are delicious too!!

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