Pushing Your Little Slugger Kolcraft Mlb Stroller Review

When we found out we were having a little boy my hubby was thrilled.  He couldn’t wait to coach his baseball, soccer, or football teams.  He couldn’t wait to teach him how to throw a football, hit a baseball, or shoot a three pointer.  My husband is very athletic and is determined that our son will be too.My father was especially excited because now he could start training his future Yankee.  (Don’t hate if you don’t like the Yankees.)  In fact, before we decided on a name we joked that we could name him Herman….after George “Babe Ruth” Herman.  I grew up a Yankee fan, since I was Daddy’s Little Girl, and my dad was going to make sure my little guy followed in our footsteps.  Before my son was born my dad had bought him his “First Yankee’s Tee” and a pair of baseball themed tennis shoes.When we were in the hospital my husband’s tee-ball coach (from when he was little not now ) brought use baseball themed onesies, bibs, and a stuffed baseball.  Everyone has high hopes for him.Even Kolcraft!Kolcraft recently teamed up with Major League Baseball (MLB) and created really cool umbrella strollers.  No matter if you like the Yankees (they are the best!), Red Sox (Heaven forbid!), Cubs, White Sox, Phillies, Giants, Cardinals, or Rangers you too can push your little one in style while cheering on your team.

This really wonderful umbrella stroller is brand spankin’ new!  It is great for quick trips around town or the baseball fields.  It is compact, light weight, and super cute!  It only weighs 7 lbs. and founds down nice and slim.  I love the size.  Makes it so I can always have it in my car, unlike my larger stroller.  Last time I was carrying my larger stroller around town in my car I went grocery shopping…uh!  where do the groceries go when the stroller is taking up the whole trunk!?It has a lock that keeps the stroller shut.  See that red lock just left of the middle of the picture above?  That is it!  Besides the lock that keeps it shut, there are locks on the wheels to keep the stroller from taking off with your baby inside.  This is a unique feature on umbrella strollers.  Usually they are just cheap and basically a seat on wheels.  Not Kolcraft though!This little buddy is much more than a cheap umbrella stroller.  It has swivel front wheels, an adjustable canopy to block out the sun, and a footrest fro your child.  This stroller will hold a child up to 35 lbs.Besides the fact that it is the Yankees, I love that it is 32″ high.  This brings the handles right to my hips.  I don’t feel like I am reaching down to push the stroller.Look at my little Yankee!  Isn’t he the cutest little New York fan ever!?  We are going to be showing him off around town as we cheer on our favorite team.

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