Surprize!! {Tops Malibu #Review}

Wonder & Delight. Two words that describe the feelings children experience when something exciting, like their birthday, or the holidays arrive. They also describe a creative company I am delighted to introduce you to; Tops Malibu, whose products intrigue both children and adults alike. Take a minute and think about some favorite memories of childhood……did they involve an experience where you anticipated feeling special?  Some of my fondest memories were of Christmas morning!  My younger brother and I would awake hours before our parents and creep downstairs to check out the presents under our tree.

We would admire the beautiful wrapping, scope out which names were on which packages, and maybe even shake the boxes a little to guess what was awaiting inside.  Despite the fact I’m all grown up now, I still anticipate Christmas morning.  I can’t wait to hear the sound of my children visiting the tree before waking me and my hubby up.  It’s not about the presents for me though, it’s about the magic of excitement that lives in each heart at that very moment…….where anything is possible. This is why I’m thrilled to tell you about Tops Malibu’s Surprize balls, Sparkler wands, Treasure candles and more!  Each item created by owner Judy Walker and her company is intended to evoke the magic of excitement I’m talking about, and will turn an ordinary moment into something to remember.

We design products that surprise, enliven conversation and awaken creative interaction. We guarantee to make fond memories and ignite impromptu celebration.~Tops Malibu What is a Surprize ball?  A Surprize ball consists of layers of crepe paper wrapped around a variety of keepsakes and prizes.  As children, or the recipient, unwind the paper, they discover each unique item.  Tops Malibu offers Surprize balls in 3″ (containing 5+ trinkets) and deluxe sizes (containing 11+ trinkets), all beautifully embellished with a desired theme.  I am so giddy, because I will be giving my daughters a Surprize Gift Box, in green/with a red bow, to open on Christmas Eve (the perfect time to build suspense:)).  Watching them take turns unraveling until they reach their prize will be so much fun!  More importantly, I believe it will create a wonderful memory for years to come!

Birthdays are a fantastic time to give a Surprize ball.  My youngest daughter will be receiving a lovely purple ball with coordinating ribbon and crown embellishment on her birthday. I plan to give her the ball when she awakes, letting her unwrap one trinket.  Then, throughout the day leading up to her party, let her open more, making the whole day a celebration!  Looking for a fun gift to give a grandchild who has everything?  Look no further!  Another great birthday item Tops Malibu offers are their Sparkler wands in shapes and numbers.  My girls love sparklers, however, really only see them on the 4th of July…..not anymore, I will be wishing them “happy birthday” in grand form with a sparkler atop their cupcake!!  Mom is gonna rock!!:)

Tops Malibu also sells Treasure Candles, that uncover hidden keepsakes as they burn, Cornucopias filled with treasures inside, Wish Capsules that hide secret notes and many other celebration oriented favorites.  Spark wonder and delight in your child by discovering the magic of Tops Malibu today!  Don’t have a birthday coming up?…….try the precious Halloween or lollipop themed surprize ball.
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