Funny Friends {Fijit Friends #Review}

I can’t believe we are halfway through the month of October!  We have 10 weeks until Christmas…those are words that I don’t love to hear.  I always have an eye out for fun things that my kids would like that are a smidge different than what everyone else will be getting.  It is kinda hard to shop that way because you want them to get what they want and what they want is usually what everyone else is getting, but here is a fantastic suggestion when it comes to Christmas gifts or birthday. Fijit Friends are a fun little interactive toy for your kiddo to play with.  The more you love and play with the little friends them more they do!  They sing better the more you nurture them. “The latest addition to the Mattel Fijit Friends family,  Newbies encourage interactive play through progressive learning, therefore, the more your children play with them, the more they can learn!

Newbies can also communicate with Fijit Friends through innovative Sonic Chirp technology – special audio coding embedded into an external device that, when detected, triggers various programmed reactions.  Nurture Fijit Friends Newbies to get them to sing. The more they are nurtured, the better they perform, and when two Fijit Friends Newbies are put together, they’ll sing together in a duet. They also unlock content in Fijit Friends! ” We were lucky enough to get 3 of these fun little guys.  I thought that would be fantastic because I didn’t think they were much of a “boy” toy, but Austin was drawn to these little things.  He kept taking the girls away from them so he could have a turn   Mia loved that the more she played with it, the more it loved her back. I was a little nervous when they were in the package because they only make a couple of little sounds, but once they are out, they are adorable.

They have 3 different button that you can use to “nurture” you new friend.  With these 3 places, you can “reward” them after they sing.  They then make a funny little sound.  The more you do it (or in different combinations) the better their singing gets.  We got a little Halloween bat that is so funny!  It would be a perfect addition to anyone’s Halloween collection.  There are also Christmas Newbies that are so fun. Not to worry, they also have the regular Fijit Friends that are great for any season. All in all, I think this is a fun toy for your little guy or gal.  They retail for about $20.  I don’t think this is something you have to be super “tech savvy” to understand.  Simple buttons, even if not pushed in a certain order, you will get a reaction from your new friend.  Real Mom Approved!  “I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Fijit Friends. I received product samples to facilitate my review.”

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