Goodbye Stubble….Hello Silky Smooth legs! {Remington i-Light Review}

At the end of the day, there is nothing more relaxing to me than a nice warm shower to ease all the tensions of motherhood away! If only that 10 minutes could be without chores…….yes, you know what I’m talking about…..shaving!! At Last!, I am making that routine disappear, with the help of the amazing i-Light Pro from Remington. Ready for long lasting* hair removal without the daily hassle of a razor? The i-LIGHT Pro IPL system is a revolution­ary light-based device designed for the removal of unwanted body hair at home. Using similar Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology that derma­tologists use, you can now get professional-quality results in the privacy and comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle.

I was busting at the seems to try the Remington i-Light Pro! Laser hair removal has been on my radar for a couple of years now, especially when summer rolls around.  Bathing suit season shaving bikini line ouch! Even though I think about laser hair removal each year, I chicken out before having it done.  Partly because it costs quite a bit of money at the spa, and partly because who wants to have someone working on such a private area!?!  And, what if it didn’t work and I was left disappointed?  Both problems solved!  First, the Remington i-Light Pro is an IPL light energy device approved for home use.  Yep, I can use it in the privacy and comfort of my own home!  Secondly, at around $250 for the unit, it’s far more affordable than going to multiple visits at the spa.  Each disposable i-LIGHT Pro bulb cartridge provides 1,500 flashes with the capability of 2-3 full body treatments (lower legs, underarms, bikini/groin area).  Replacement bulbs are around $25 each.


• Light energy is generated by a Xenon flash lamp and applied to the skin by a handheld device.
• The light targets the melanin or pigment in hair follicles, gently heating them and disrupting the growth cycle without damaging the overlying skin.
• To protect the skin, unwanted rays are safely filtered out, so that only light within the desired therapeutic range is allowed to pass through.
• Within a few weeks of your initial treatment the hair will begin to fall out and results should improve over time!

After reading the instructions 2 times and watching the included how-to DVD to make sure I knew what to do, (remember I said I was a bit of a chicken ), I tested out a patch on my skin to make sure that I wouldn’t have a reaction.  Even though it was suggested to wait 24 hours after the test, I could tell after a few hours that there wouldn’t be a problem with my skin, and proceeded to use it on both my legs and bikini line (I was ambitious and excited to be hair free everywhere!).  Oh, this is probably a good time to tell you that the i-Light Pro is not for everyone… is intended for use with light to medium toned skin…..and there is a special sensor that you must “unlock” by laying the device on your skin each time you use the i-Light to ensure the skin isn’t too dark.  Darker skin could absorb too much light, and result in blisters or discoloration.

There are 5 different levels of intensity, so I started with level one for the first session.  On my legs, the device felt like a quick burst of heat with a slight pinch, but was a bit more intense on the bikini line….I guess that’s to be expected on a sensitive area (not near as intense as waxing!!).  A bright flash goes off too, so I avoided looking directly at the light.  I traveled up the leg, pressing a button on the handheld device each time I moved to a new piece of skin.  You only pulse once per spot, per session, to avoid swelling and blisters, so I worked in a grid-like pattern to remember where I treated.
Remington recommends that you complete 3 sessions within four weeks, so I waited two weeks before my second treatment.

About a week after my first session, I was already noticing a difference!  Not only was there less stubble, but I also felt a difference in my skin texture; it was so smooth.  My leg hair seems to grow so quickly.  I can shave in the morning and by afternoon, there’s already stubble, so I was highly satisfied when after the second treatment with my i-Light, I could go two days before the stubble was noticeable.  I moved the intensity to level two for the second session and to level 3 for the third treatment.  Since I knew what to expect from the previous uses, the increased intensity wasn’t uncomfortable.  Since I just finished the third treatment, I am expecting even more hair removal results, but as of the first two treatments, I would say that my hair was reduced by 50-65%.   Remington estimates that most people have results lasting 6 months.


At-home professional hair removal for a fraction of the cost of in-office visits
FDA cleared and clinically proven Proprietary ProPulse™ technology delivers results that last 6 months Faster treatment times with the quickest flash rate† and no downtime for recharging Other features include built-in skin tone sensor, skin contact sensors, five energy levels and corded operation I LOVE my Remington I-Light and the silky smooth legs I’m getting.  No more razor burn, knicks or overdry skin from shaving for me!  Next, I’m going to try my underarms. Thank you Remington and Shaser BioScience for creating a convenient, effective at-home hair removal device.  This momma is going to spend a few more moments in the shower just relaxing not worrying about chores!  REAL MOM RECOMMENDED!

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