Falling, With Style {My Party Shirt #Review}

I love Disney!  Not just like Disney….love it! Some of my favorite memories are from when I am in Disneyland.  I met my husband there and was engaged there. See? Great memories. One thing I love about Disneyland is that everyone wears Disney things and huge hats and it is cool.  You can find grown men in a Goofy hat. You can find a mother dressed as Tinkerbell. You can find little boys dressed as Woody. You can find little girls dressed as princesses. Grandparents in Mickey Mouse ears. It is wonderful. I love wearing my Disney things too. The hard thing is sometimes I have a hard time finding a shirt I like.  I can find someone wearing a shirt I like but I can never find one in stores and if I do it isn’t an adult size. Even my husband has a hard time finding something he likes.  Every time we go into the Disney Store my husband says, “Why don’t they make this in adult sizes?” Even when we find something in our sizes they are so freakin’ expensive.

Well, I finally found a shirt I like!

My Party Shirt was founded on the principle I was telling you about…being sick of seeing people wearing the same clothes and paying a ton for their clothes.  Hooray! This Buzz Lightyear shirt is cute, unique, and comfy.  It will be so fun to wear to Disneyland because I will be one-0f-a-kind.    I have already worn it a few times and each time I do someone comments on how much they like it. It is only $20!  Beat that Disneyland!

Here is another Toy Story shirt I like:

Isn’t that Woody tee shirt cute!?  $20 folks!  You won’t find that at Disney.
I love My Party Shirt.  You can find so many fun things there.  Remember Legends of

The Hidden Temple?  Remember Double Dare?  Remember Ghostbusters? 

Remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  They have things for all of these. Things  Yeah!  Not just shirts!  You can get hats, keychains, belt buckles…they have tons of things.

  • Saved by the Bell.
  • Mighty Ducks.
  • Atari.
  • Star Trek.
  • Batman.

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