The Aristocats {Disney Classics App Review}

Oh, Disney. You create the best movies that my children love and now you are creating awesome apps for iPhones, iTouch, & iPads that they go nuts over! Ava loves the Disney Classic, Aristocats {of course}, and the new Aristocats Disney Classics App is now her favorite app to play on my iPhone! A modern twist on the timeless story, The Aristocats: Disney Classics combines delightful storytelling with unique interactive elements. Duchess and her three kittens are lost! Will they be able to find their way back to their beloved Madame Bonfamille? Or will Edgar, Madame’s conniving butler, prevent them from ever seeing home again? With help from Thomas O’Malley, a resourceful alley cat, they’re sure to make it back—with plenty of adventures along the way.

The Aristocats: Disney Classics App is a great addition to our little game collection we are building on my iPhone. The format is the same as the other Disney Classics apps we have; the story you can read along or have read to you, coloring pages, interactive puzzles, fun musical feature  {in this case the piano}, and as always gorgeous illustrations and sound effects throughout.  Since Disney sticks with the same format in their Classics games, Ava knew exactly what to do and how the app worked. She immediately read through the story with the read aloud function, commenting on all the cute cats! Thens she quickly moved on to the piano section. She has had so much fun playing piano on my phone! This app is great at keeping her entertained and she is having so much fun playing it!

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