Lovely Locks Vidal Sassoon Review

One thing I do like about myself is my hair.  It is the longest it has EVER been!  It goes to my lower back and is bone straight.  Not an ounce of wave or curl to it…not sure if that is a plus or not.  It may take a really long time to blow it dry, it costs a pretty penny to keep it blond…sigh.  No, I am not really this blond….and I go though shampoo and conditioner like it is going out of style.  If I had my druthers, I would wash my hair every other day.  Day 1 looks pretty good, day 2 not as hot as one but I get to sleep in!  The only problem is that I go to the gym every morning and run.  Running = Sweating.  Therefore, I wash every day unless I sleep in and don’t go to the gym.  Since I am washing so often (and I know that isn’t totally healthy for your hair) I know the importance of having a great product to use on my hair.  I was given the opportunity to try out Vidal Sassoon on my locks.  First the shampoo went in.

I got a really nice, rich lather that had a bit of a sweet scent to it.  It rinsed really clean, almost like it was a shampoo + conditioner.  Since it wasn’t, I then used a bit more than necessary of the conditioner.  I have this thing with conditioner.  I use a lot of it in hopes that I don’t get tangles.  It doesn’t always work out for me, but it helps me get the shampoo tangles out.  I let it set on my hair long enough to shave my legs then rinsed.  I was amazed at how smooth it felt as I rinsed it.  Not a single tangle in my hair!  When I got out, I wrapped my hair in a towel (like I always do) and put on my makeup.  When that chore was complete, I took the towel off expecting to see Medusa tangles throughout my hair like I usually do.  Then I try and comb it or brush it all while trying not to rip my own hair out!  I was super excited to see that my hair came out of the towel much like it went it.  Very few tangles and snarls.  My blow drying went well.  I noticed that I didn’t have quite so many fly aways as I usually do.  In fact, I usually run a flat iron over my hair really quick just to settle it down, and I didn’t even need to do that.  I have included a picture right after I got done blowing dry….no flat iron or product.  Only Vidal Sassoon shampoo and conditioner.

I was amazed at the amount of product Vidal Sassoon offers!  There are products for Extra Moisture, Smoothing, Volume, Color, Repair and then just General Care.  Plus they offer coloring products, too.  Anything you need hair care wise, they have it.  One product that really caught my eye was the Color Protect Gloss Cream.  It protects colored hair while giving it that glossy shine, too.  SOLD!!  I will have to pick that up next time I am at the store.  In all honesty, I hadn’t used Vidal Sassoon in years.  No reason.  I just use what is on sale and kinda stick to the same brand.  But after giving it a go, I would love to venture out and try more of their products and you can bet next time I need shampoo and conditioner I will be sure to purchase Vidal Sassoon!

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