Build It Up Mega Bloks Barbie Build N Style Pet Shop Review Giveaway

Ava had so much fun with her Mega Bloks® Barbie® Build ‘n Style Mansion that I jumped at the chance to start adding to her lil’ Mega Bloks® Barbie® with the Mega Bloks® Barbie® BUILD ‘N STYLE PET SHOP! She is definitely an animal lover and as soon at it arrived she was begging me to help her put it together; so we did! I definitely have to sit with her and help her get it pieced together. It is a fun process I think we both enjoy! She was immediately in love with the cute little pets, especially the Chihuahua! It was so nice watching Ava and Hollis play pretend; they really enjoy having Barbie take her pups to the pet shop and of course then take care of the puppies at the pet shop! All the different story lines they come up with make me giggle and it’s just awesome they have a set that allows for so much imaginative play! The Mega Bloks® Barbie® Build ‘n Style Pet Shop is bright, colorful, and has so many creative accessories to really bring the pet shop to life!

Pretty Pets Barbie® loves to bring her furry friends to the Mega Bloks® Barbie® Build ‘n Style Pet Shop for a “pet-icure”. Treat each pet to a shampoo followed by stylish grooming make-over. Show off the pets’ tail-wagging looks in the moving pet shop window seat!


·         Adorable buildable pet shop
·         Four super cute pets with themed accessories
·         Includes Pretty Pets Barbie® mini-fashion figure with an extra fashion
·         Combine with all of the Mega Bloks® Barbie® playsets to build a fabulous world of fashion, friends and fun!

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