Know How New Moms Can Take Care Of Themselves: Stretch Marks and Weight Loss

Are you a new mom or have you become an aunt recently? Giving birth is the most beautiful thing in the world, ain’t it? However, what about the negative aspects of pregnancy? How are you planning to tackle them?

You may not be worried about the stretch marks on your waist or even your increased weight during the pregnancy, but these are things that you should attend to as soon as you get a green light from your doctor. Such occurrences might provoke you to lose your confidence and appeal, so don’t ignore it!

Get Rid of ‘em Now

Some of the common situations and solutions that women face post-pregnancy are as follows:

Stretch marks

It is a grave concern among all moms because apart from getting huge during the pregnancy, moms also develop stretch marks on their waist and stomach due to sudden measurement change. It is an inevitable phenomenon which cannot be ignored whatsoever. Not to get your hopes high, your stretch marks will never disappear completely, but yes, you can make them lighter at home with some remedies like:

  • Moisturise and massage the area with olive oil gently and let it dry for 30 minutes. Then, take a bath. You can also mix olive oil with vinegar and water to massage at nights.
  • Regular usage of vitamin E oil can also help. You can easily break-open vitamin E capsule and use the oil to massage the affected area.
  • Similarly, castor oil, coconut oil and avocado oil can be used on the area.
  • Apply aloe vera on the affected area, massage it gently, let it dry for 15 minutes and then, wash it off with lukewarm water regularly.
  • You can also use honey, mixed with glycerin and salt to form a paste. Apply it on your stretch marks and let it dry. Then, wash with warm water.

The benefits and side effects of all the remedies mentioned above are subjective to the one using it, so consult your doctor before trying anything because your skin will be very sensitive after the pregnancy. You can also ask your physician if you can go for skin treatments like chemical skin peel or dermaroller to get rid of the disturbing marks.

Weight loss

Weight and size gain is a familiar pregnancy side effect, right? However, getting rid of that extra weight is not as easy as the gaining it was. Since it was not in your hands, you cannot be blamed for it. But, losing it is in your hands, so get on with it right away. Read on to learn some effective weight loss methods:

  • Regular workouts are the best method to tackle fat. But you already know this; what you may not know is how risky it is to work out right after the pregnancy. It is advised to consult your doctor first to make sure if it is the right time or not, then hire a personal trainer to make sure you don’t exert yourself a little too much and in the end, be disciplined and don’t miss out on your routine.
  • A balanced diet is essential to keep your vitamins’ and minerals’ level in the optimum range. It will not only make your skin smooth and shiny but will also help you in losing that extra fat.
  • Suppress your pregnancy cravings after you are done with it; it should not continue even for a month after the delivery date.

You can also have the Hot Beach Bod if you are willing to work for it! Be the sexy, beautiful mom that your kid deserves! Moreover, show it off in style!

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