Easy Hairstyles For Your Daughter

I love to dress up my daughters! It is so fun to put together cute outfits and then to add some matching flower headbands. It is hard to find the time to curl and primp their hair like I would like to in a short amount of time so I make sure that I have a flower clip or headband nearby.Sassy Sweet Pea Designs sells boutique headbands and accessories. I love how cute and simple these headbands are! Our family is very patriotic and I love to dress up my children for July 4th!McKenzie loves to wear these headbands. The headband is made out of a stretchy satin so it does not give her a headache. I own headbands made out of other fabric but I have a hard time keeping them in place on her head. She was able to wear these headbands without having to adjust them all day long

My youngest daughter, Brooklyn, is so much fun to get ready every day. When I put on her headband she surprisingly did not push it or pull it off. She also has very sensitive skin that will turn red easily when irritated. These cute flower headbands were the perfect size for her so I did not have to worry about them being too tight on her head.The flowers attached to the headbands are glued on so that they can’t be separated. I really like this feature because sometimes I will be taking Brooklyn in or out of her car seat and the flower clips will separate from her headband and I will lose them. It can be very frustrating.

Sassy Sweet Pea Designs currently has over 560 items for sale on their website and each one is made with love! You can customize many of their accessories and headbands to make sure that they are perfect for you and your children. Sassy Sweet Pea Designs also offers headband sizes ranging from newborn all the way up to teen! I love how they arrived in cute plastic bags tied with a gold bow! I thought they would be so cute for a gift.  I could tell that Sassy Sweet Pea Designs puts a lot of care into their products. These are perfect for family photos or even a fun day out with the family!Head over to sassysweetpeadesigns.etsy.com today to get the perfect headband and accessory for you little Sweet Pea!

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