A Must-Have Medicine Cabinet Item! {Burn Cream MD}

Created by a dermatologist specializing in wound healing and scar minimization.

As a mom you always have to be prepared. Kids are very unpredictable and a simple afternoon in the backyard can lead to bumps and bruises, kisses and band aids.I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to review Burn Cream MD. It is an item I am so glad to have in my medicine cabinet in case of an emergency. Heaven forbid my little one ever get burned, but if he does I have something to help the healing process. But it isn’t just for kids. It is something I have on hand for the entire family.

It can also be used on a sunburn! I know because I got a slight sunburn on my arms a few weeks ago and my Aloe was just not helping. I pulled out the Burn Cream MD and applied it. I felt instant relief. I continued to use it for the next day and my sunburn was gone sooner than if I hadn’t used it. So it is a definite must-have item on hand at all times.
They even offer it in a pump style bottle or in to go packets. These packets are perfect because you can slip them in your purse or diaper bag and always have them with you.
Healing Skin’s Burn Cream MD was awarded the PTPA (Parent Tested, Parent Approved) Media Seal of Approval!
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