A Clutter Free Counter! {Complete Drying Station Giveaway}

The Complete Drying Station is the ONLY drying organizer on the market that accommodates all sizes of cups, bottles, nipples and cup parts. Adjusts to fit all sinks and counters. Its slanted design allows for thorough drying without puddles of water that can be a breeding ground for bacteria!We all know how chaotic and disorganized your house can become once you bring home a new little baby. We experienced this the moment we got home. The kitchen counter was clean and clutter free and then it seemed like hours later it was a disorganized mess. Baby bottles, and everything for baby was all that I could see on the used to be kitchen counter space. I needed some help to organized everything for baby…

Prince Lionheart generously sent us their Complete Drying Station to help aid our kitchen counter top. When it arrived I put it together in under 5 minutes. It sits nicely at the edge of the sink and holds everything that we use for our new baby and our toddler. It slants at an angle over the sink so that the water runs out and helps everything to dry quicker. I love that it holds my toddlers sippy cups and utensils, and it also holds the babies bottles and my breast pump parts. love how it has so many different areas to accommodate big and small items. It really is a wonderful way to keep everything organized and within reach when needed again and again. If you have a baby or toddler I highly recommend this drying station. It would also make a fantastic baby shower gift!

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