Creativity from Around the World {Novica Giveaway}

I’m so glad to know about Novica, an organization associated with National Geographic which unites artisans from around the world to your home! Novica has changed the lives of these talented people from over 2,000 countries by providing them a way to make their living by creating beautiful pieces of art. They use materials and techniques from their region and their culture, some of which were passed on for many generations.Each piece has a person and a story behind it. Novica not only connects you with the product, but the person whose hands made it!

I chose the ‘Blue Cloud’ Celadon Ceramic Vase to review. This vase was made by Duangkamol Srisukri in Thailand. I loved reading about her family…her parents, with friends, founded a ceramic shop and from there, she developed a passion for celadon and stoneware ceramics. She loves making both Thai and Chinese-style ceramics, ranging from vases to animal figurines.I love my vase! The color is this lovely light blue with a contrasting brown texture at the bottom. Last week I enjoyed the vase with fresh flowers but forgot to take a picture, so here it is with some handmade heart flowers! I also love the soft, flowing shape of the vase. And knowing it was made by hand makes it all the more beautiful.And I must comment on the packaging. It was rapped beautifully in lovely textured paper, but that’s not what impressed me the most. There was no plastic except for a few pieces of tape. Other than that, my vase was completely cushioned in newsprint. No styrofoam or anything that can’t be recycled…and my vase arrived in perfect condition. So it IS possible!It did take me a while to choose between all the beautiful products on Novica. I almost chose some celadon animal ornaments from Duangkamol, and I was also eyeing some pretty storage baskets for my craft area. And that’s just things for the home…Novica also has clothing and other accessories like jewelry and handbags, all lovingly handmade by a talented artist from the other side of the world.

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