Headband Beauties

This is going to be no surprise, but I love me a good workout headband.  I go to the gym every morning and 4 of the 5 days a week that I go, I wear a headband.  I have a few different ones.  I wear some more than others, I like some more than others.  One thing is for sure, I am not afraid of color.  I may not wear crazy print shirts or pants to the gym (not that I wouldn’t, I just don’t have any) but I will wear ANY headband to the gym—and make it look amazing!  Just because I have a few headbands doesn’t mean that I am not always on the look out for the next great headband.  I want one that fits but doesn’t slip.  Soft but stays in place.  Tight but not too tight.  I have finally found the PERFECT headband.  Urban Halo is freaking amazing (and the answer to hours of searching).

UrbanHalo designer, Jen, believes that accessories should be as much functional as they are fashionable. As a runner, stay-at-home mom, and group fitness junkie she was always on the lookout for the perfect headband… one that was stylish enough to take her from the studio to preschool pickup, yet functional enough to stay in place without causing headaches. After much searching and even more disappointment, she sat down in front of her sewing machine with the cutest fabric she could find and the first UrbanHalo was born!A lot has changed since that first headband was sewn. Jen discovered that the right material is key to the function of a headband… so after endless searching, samples and tests, her persistence paid off with the perfect fabric.  Now, this perfect, buttery soft signature fabric is custom printed {in the fabulous USA} in each season’s hottest prints and colors. As Jen began sharing the “Halo Love” word quickly spread and today UrbanHalos can be found in some of the finest boutiques, studios and salons across the US and Canada!

I can’t even put into words how much I LOVE this headband!!  It is SO soft, but that is just where my love begins!  This headband is the best!!  I wear it more than any other headband I have.  The print is bright and fun, but it doesn’t slip or slide at all.  I will wear it on my long runs and I never have to adjust it.  I wear it to lift, and never even think about it because all it does is it’s job—holding my hair back and lookin good.  I have even worn it to my kids football games, to the store, everywhere…no limits!  Hailee has borrowed it and worn it to pitch in her softball games.  For real, best headband ever!!  One of my favorite parts is that you can fold it in to be a thinner band, or widen it up for more coverage.  In the pictures above, my band is just over half as wide as it will go.  In the bottom picture with my girls at the football game, it is a little thinner.  I don’t usually wear it wider than that, but you could.  Functional?  YES!  Darling? YES!  Wait until you see all of the prints they offer!!  There are nearly 40 different prints that are always changing for the season, about 15 solid colors, and rhinestones galore!  If your man is jealous of your hot looking head gear, no worries!!  There are Iron Halos for the guys in your life, too!  I can’t even get enough of Urban Halo!!  the more I look, the more I need.  They are the perfect accessory for any run, race or trip to the gym (bank, store, or just lounging)!

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