Vivid Shots of Wedding: A Professional Photographer & A Married Couple’s Dream Alike!

Is a wedding project coming up soon? Or, are you the lucky couple? Whether the professional photographer, or the couple themselves, you must have a dream of catching the most vivid shots. The pictures should catch glimpses and angles that all the other cameras missed! If, you have such a dream (of course you have), then you need to think about aerial photography!

Sounds awesome, right? Well, you would need the perfect camera, or rather a drone! How about DJI Phantom 4 drones? They have various models and Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Drone from DJI, is one of the most popular options.

Breath-taking Shots of the Wedding with a Drone

Whoa drones sound thrilling, right? But, you must have always heard drones being part of secret missions and co-ops! With passage of time, they have also found use in the world of photography. Do not take these drones lightly, as they have the specifications to grab mesmerizing and detailed photographs! You will be able to cherish these photographs for life. If, you want such breathtaking photos for your wedding day, ensure that the photographer uses drones!

On the other hand, if, you are the photographer, then you need to think about the demand of the clients. Drones are no more exclusively linked to secret missions! Your clients are well aware of this fact.  They might have friends and relatives, who got married with a drone flying above, and capturing the special moments! Now that they are getting married, the couple might want the same for their wedding day. Do you really want to fall behind in the competition? Your competitors might already have the best drones in their wedding package. Pick yours, and give your clients an awe-inspiring experience with beautiful aerial shots.

Whether you are the couple, or the professional photographer, just make sure that you adhere to the laws of flying drones. If, you are in violation, then the experience can turn sour!

Phantom 4 Drones from DJI: The Perfect Aerial Shot Partner

Well, you know the phantom works in mysterious ways! This drone, however, is no mystery. The camera is its USP, especially the Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Drone from DJI. It features a 20MP CMOS sensor that captures 4K@60fps/100Mbps. Powerful, right? You get detailed and clear images!

The other amazing features of this drone, which makes it an excellent choice for aerial photography include:

1. Mind-boggling five direction obstacle sensory, so, you need not worry about the drone bumping into a tree!

2. You get a battery of around 6000mah, giving the drone a life of at least 30 minutes. No need to call the drone in as soon as it takes flight!

3. The drone’s system enables it to transmit the videos up to 3.5 km.

4. The camera has both electronic and mechanical shutter system.

5. No one flies their drone in a storm. This drone can resist winds of 10m/s speed. A light wind to a medium strength wind can be easily resisted by this kind of drone.

6. Is it too hot outside?! No need to worry about your drone! The Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Drone from DJI can easily withstand temperatures ranging from 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C).

When, you have so many remarkable features, why look at other options? You could, if you want, but, that would be a complete waste of time, money and energy!

Bride, groom or Professional photographer, whichever you are, you need a drone (a Phantom 4 Drones from DJI would be the smart option) to achieve stunning shots from an aerial point of view. Live the dream! Shoot exclusive pictures of the special day. You get captivating pictures that will surprise all, friends and family, when you reveal the wedding album and video!

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