A Guide To Flooring Options For Different Rooms Of The House

Are you renovating your home anytime soon? Do you have to decide the interiors of the area because of your creative abilities? So what are your plans for the flooring of the house? Please don’t finalise a single choice for all the rooms and be judged on your creative skills. Yes, you can have a variety of flooring materials in your house.

Expert suggestion

Don’t go for more than three flooring materials because you don’t want to overdo it.

Colour hack

One type and colour of flooring in all the living areas will make it look more spacious.

Keep in mind that the colour scheme matters a lot. This can simply be described as the design and colour of the interiors of the house, including all the walls, ceilings and flooring of different rooms. The tone of the entire house can play a vital role in enhancing the appeal of the place; so choose with care.

Living Areas

For the living room, you have the following options:

  • Wood
  • Cork
  • Sculpted carpet
  • Bamboo
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • laminate

What you have to keep a check about is the colour and design of the entrance, as one flows into the living room from the entryway. This does not mean that it has to be a replica of the entrance interiors because being monotonous is not the goal here. What you can do is add an inset piece of carpet or an exquisite rug surrounded by hardwood flooring.

Tip: A dining room with hardwood flooring is not a wise option because wood gets scratched due to frequent movement of chairs, and carpets can easily get stained due to accidental food/drinks’ spills.

Family Areas

For family rooms, laminate flooring is more practical than wood because children are expected to spill food and drinks quite often. A hard-surfaced wood would be preferable in this case, and it can also withstand more wear and tear than wood floors.

Tip: Choose a neutral colour for the hallway to make sure that other family bedrooms can have a desirable flooring option. Each room can be designed individually, and you can have the flooring of your choice; irrespective of the flooring design and colour of other rooms.

Master Bedroom

For the master bedroom, think twice before you finalise anything. Ask your better-half if he has a specific choice in mind. Keep in mind that your bedroom flooring matches your en-suite bathroom flooring; a decent contrast is acceptable too. Plush carpeting, tiles and wood; the options are endless. Don’t hold back on your creativity or pockets when you are choosing a flooring material for the master bedroom because it needs to look more posh and beautiful than any other room in the entire house. So, when you have not thought twice before finalising that huge LED display or that expensive, designer furniture, then why hold yourself now.

Expert suggestion

Add a soft footpath on both sides of the bed, if you have chosen a hard-surfaced flooring for your comfort.Make sure you involve your hubby and kids in the decision-making process for the floors of their respective rooms to avoid unnecessary future quarrels with them. Flooring might be the most expensive expense in your renovation budget, so always remember, “Precaution is better than cure”.

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