Eyes In The Back Of My Head, REALLY! {Caravoo #REVIEW and #GIVEAWAY}

Baby wearing is a new craze.  Maybe it has been for a while, but since I am a new mom, it seems like a new craze.   I like wearing my baby.  I am happy because my hand are free but baby is happy because he is held.No matter where you are wearing your baby, front or back of you, it is always tough to see what is going on with him.  When I wear my son I am constantly saying, “Honey, is he okay?  “Honey, is he asleep?”  I am only wearing him on the front….what is going to happen when I wear him on the back.  I will be asking way more than I am now—-or will I?Caravoo knows you want to see that kid so they created a wonderful product for both moms and dads.  Caravoo is a slapband-style bracelet.  It features a wrist mirror on it.  This gives you the ability to see your child, whether they are in a front or rear facing child carrier.

It is super lightweight and crystal clear.  No funky, distorted images here!  The bonded leather easily slaps on your wrist and stays securely.You will never have to find a mirror to see how your little one is doing.  No more asking your spouse, “How is baby?”  Now you can see for yourself.  Just slap it on and go for a walk or hike.  You can even use it when you go for a bike ride!Caravoo is available in pink, baby blue, black, brown or white.  It even has a one year guarantee against defects due to materials or workmanship!!I received two in black.  I use one all the time.  I sent one to my “Oh Crissa!  You have got to learn how to baby wear.  It will make your life easier” friend.  She loves it too!Caravoo sells for $16.95 but is on sale right now for $13.95—BUT—Caravoo is giving Real Moms readers a special discount.  Use the code CURBABY and save $6.  Now you can have a Caravoo for only $7.95 PLUS Free Shipping and Handling! (expires 10/31)  This would make a great baby shower or newborn gift.

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