#WIN Seat Pet Fun {Airheart Seat Pet #REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY}

Seat Pets. They have had my two since the first commercial! These adorable, plush pets easily attach to your chid’s seat belt giving them something snuggly to cuddle on those car rides. My two have been begging for these for months, so I’m sure you can imagine my relief and Ava’s excitement when we had the chance to review one!
SeatPets® are three soft, friendly monsters that easily attach to the shoulder restraint portion of a seatbelt, transforming tiresome family car rides into fun, entertaining road trips.Perfect for long journeys or just running errands in the car, SeatPets® make kids’ seatbelts comfortable because they provide both a soft cushion between their neck and the belt and a cozy pillow between their head and the side window. Each colorful, furry SeatPet has three pockets and two zippered compartments designed to store all of the things that kids want and need when they’re in the car – from MP3 players and hand-held games to toys and snacks….most anything fits inside and is instantly at hand. ~Seat Pets

Ava’s Airheart Style Seat Pet arrived on a Friday and I couldn’t pick her up from school fast enough that afternoon! She has been doing so well in Kindergarten and  usually on Fridays we have some sort of celebration for a great week: an icee from the gas station, an ice cream cone from the ice cream shop, a small prize! I knew this Friday would be extra special for her! I made sure her Airheart Seat Pet was already in the car, easily attached to the seatbelt for her big after school surprise! You wouldn’t believe the look of joy on my girl’s face when I opened the car door and she saw her Airheart! She climbed in and got buckled up faster than ever! She rode home snuggled up with her Seat Pet the entire way and when we got there she insisted on taking it inside….and then in her Gran’s car that night on her way to a sleepover…and then to sleep with it at her sleepover! She wouldn’t let it out of her sight and has continued to enjoy riding and snuggling and sleeping with it. She especially loves all the little pockets for her treasures on her Airheart! A Seat Pet would make a perfect and at $20, an affordable gift  for a child in your life! One they will love every time they get in the car; Seat Pets make car rides so much fun!

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