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Due Maternity is excited to announce the redesign and relaunch of their website (www.duematernity.com). For the first time in the company’s seven year history, Due Maternity extends its fashion-forward style into infant gear and accessories, as it unveils a fresh, contemporary site design and an all-new Due Maternity Baby Items section.
Due Maternity’s unique and striking collection of baby products features items from sought-after brands including Storksak, Fleurville, JJ Cole, The First Years, Petunia Pickle Bottom and Lamaze, among others, delivering a full complement of baby products for moms-to-be who want to reflect their personal style throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

In addition to bringing baby items to DueMaternity.com, the site has undergone a re-design to improve its customer experience and polish the overall style. The newly re-launched site allows users to effortlessly navigate and discover all the hottest products for both mom and baby, featuring 360o view capability, video clips, stylist videos featuring celebrity stylist Dani Stone.I was able to head over to the new DueMaternity website and check it out. At first glance the website was so pleasing on the eyes. I loved how easy it was to navigate too. I simply choose a category and then found the items category that I wanted. I was also able to purchase an item of my choice. I chose the The BabyPro SmartWarmer by The First Years.The BabyPro SmartWarmer by The First Years eliminates the need for tedious measuring and constant refilling. Unlike other warmers, you’ll only refill the water once a day. Simply select the type of bottle or food you are warming on the easy-to-use control panel and press start.The SmartWarmer will warm or defrost breast milk, formula, and baby food safely and evenly every time. Plus, the SmartWarmer will remember your previous cycle, so perfect warming is just a button push away.

BabyPro is the first complete collection of appliances that help you provide the very best for your baby while looking great in your kitchen. Each appliance makes it easier to prepare healthy meals without sacrificing space or style.
You can see it above sitting on my kitchen counter, ready to go whenever baby gets hungry. I love how easy it is to use. It features a light up system when turned on that I can adjust to the desired settings that I need with a simple push click. For instance right now I have it programmed to the following: formula, wide neck bottle, 4-5 oz., room temperature. It remembers my settings so each time I turn it on I don’t have to reset it. I simply plop my bottle in and hit the button. It then steams up and warms the formula to the perfect temperature. When it’s ready it beeps at me and I am ready to feed baby. Plus, I only have to fill the reserve once per day. Easy-Peasy for a busy mommy like me. I love it and highly recommend it to any bottle feeding mama!Check out this great video of the first years bottle warmer, and you will be certainly wanting your own!

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