Imusas 25 Days Of Giveaways

IMUSA, the leader in international cookware is taking us on a culinary journey with its line of GlobalKitchen products that inspire cooking based on recipes from regions of the world, including, Mexican, Mediterranean, Asian and Caribbean.The IMUSA Pressure Cooker highlights cuisine from the Caribbean.  You know, the kind of dishes that taste like they’ve been simmered all day…. where flavors boldly meld together.  I was  given the opportunity to test this wonderful tricked out pot and was amazed!  Made of stainless steel, it’s construction is heavy duty and durable to use on all stove tops.  What makes this large deep pot into something special is the lid.  The lid completely seals the pot and latches into place with interlocking cool touch handles.  Once locked, and heated up, the liquid that is trapped inside with food begins boiling, creating steam build up and pressure.  The pressure (13psi =pound per square inches) cooks food up to 70% quicker than regular slow cooked methods.

Pressure cookers can be used to make a variety of foods like beans, rice, soup, chili, stew, and one-dish entrees.  The cooker can also be used for canning, which I plan on trying next year during the growing season…..blackberry jam??!!  Some great things about the IMUSA Pressure Cooker, aside from speedy cooking with a slow cooked taste, is that cooking with steam retains more vitamins & minerals, uses less liquids, and reduces energy in the kitchen.I made “Shredded Chicken Ropa Nueva” from the recipe booklet included with my IMUSA Pressure Cooker for my first try.  Once all of my ingredients were sautéed and in the pot, and the lid was closed with stove top temperature set on high, I started hearing noises and seeing some steam escaping.  I didn’t know that this was normal because I had never used a pressure cooker before so it was a little scary.  Definitely not something you leave unattended!  After several minutes, the red Safety Valve popped up, which gave me the clue that steam had reached its peak and the stovetop temp was ready to be lowered according to my recipe.  About that time, steam started geysering out of the Pressure Regulator.  With two settings, low and high pressure, the Pressure Regulator determines the amount of pressure for cooking.It didn’t take long at that point, only 6 minutes to complete my Ropa Nueva!  The steam subsided, I removed the pot from heat and let it sit for a few minutes before turning the Pressure Regulator to the “steam release” position.  Steam release let out any remaining steam so I could safely unlock the handles and remove lid.  Ropa Nueva is delicious!!  I couldn’t believe how little time it took to make such a flavorful dish.  It tasted like it had been stewing all day long…..tender and moist.


During December IMUSA is hosting it’s #25 Days of Giveaway’s!!!  Today, the 18th of December they are giving away a Pressure Cooker!!!!  Head over to “Like” & “Share” on their social accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your chance to win!!!  IMUSA has already given away some other cool items like a Fondue set, tortilla press and Espresso Maker.  I wonder what they’ll be giving away the last week??!

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