Paint It Up! {Lavish & Lime Giveaway}

If you’re looking for contemporary eco-friendly products to help you live life a little greener, Lavish & Lime is a great place to start.We’re a husband and wife team that – like most new parents – started thinking more about ingredients, materials and the impact we’re having on the environment when we had kids. We found there were lots of eco-friendly products out there, just not readily available – in Canada.After returning to Vancouver from London, UK, we decided to take a leap and in 2007 launched Lavish & Lime, offering contemporary products with the level of style we’d become accustomed to in Europe. Uncertain of the response, we started cautiously with eco-friendly as one category. It quickly became our focus.Lavish & Lime is about shades of green. We’re not tree huggers and we’re definitely not litter bugs either – we’re somewhere in between and firmly believe that even small steps make a difference. If we all do a little, it will help a lot. That’s what the ‘Lime’ is about. The ‘Lavish’ is all about giving and enjoying nice things. Eco doesn’t have to be boring and beige anymore. ~Lavish & Lime

We received a set of LYRA Skin Colour Pencils; metallic plus pack from the eco boutique, Lavish & Lime. With Halloween quickly approaching, they couldn’t have arrived at a better time! I love that these Skin colour pencils are lead free, paraben free and non toxic! The fact that palm oil is used as a primary ingredient makes me giddy. Any time I find a product that works and is safe for my child, I am over the moon and instantly in love!Every Halloween one of my close friends has a huge Halloween party for the kids and their friends. Every year I take the job of painting faces and every year each child gets their face painted {I think it’s their favorite!}! This year I was so excited to take along my LYRA pencils to help make my job a little bit easier and keep those kids safe! I easily drew on pumpkins, butterflies, bats, & ghosts! The whole time my hands stayed clean because LYRA Skin Colour Pencils are cased in wood, just like a regular pencil. This year I also had less mess; no paintbrushes to clean, no water splashing around, and no drippy paint! The kids were so happy with their vibrant designs and I was ecstatic with the simplicity and safety of it all! When we got home and I was getting the kids ready for bed the designs easily washed off with soap and water. I even got a little spot on my shirt and it washed out, no problem! The LYRA Skin colour pencils are available in packages of 6, one primary colors set and one metallic plus pack!
Here are the fabulous facts about LYRA Skin Colour pencils:

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