Poppin’ Wheelies! {Tonka Rumblin’ Chuck Giveaway}

“Work” time is play time with this fun electronic dump truck pal! Your RUMBLIN’ CHUCK vehicle has lots of loads to haul and he needs your help. Load up his dump bed and he’ll actually “know” when he’s full and “tell” you all about it! With over 50 phrases and sounds, this hard-working little friend has lots to “say” and share, but he’s definitely not all business. He loves to “pop wheelies” and even “plays games” — as you try to load him up, he tries to shake it all out! Read from his storybook and then create some “heavy-lifting” adventures of your own!Watch your kiddo’s SQUEAL in delight as they play with the new Tonka Chuck & Friends Rumblin’ Chuck this Christmas morning!

My little guy was sent Rumblin’ Chuck to test and try out. Saying he was excited was a BIG understatement to what a hit this toy was with him. He can’t say truck yet so he just kept saying “car” over and over again when I pulled it out. He proceeded to push it up and down the hall, and then when he would stop Chuck would talk and drive away. Chuck features over 50 phrases and they are all so cute. One of my favorites was when he put some toys in the back of it and it said: “you call that heavy”. Then as he was putting more in Chuck shook them right out. Lot’s of giggles and smiles every time he did this. I love how interactive Chuck is and it is so fun how his mouth moves when he talks. It’s like he is playing just with my son, what a fun friendship we have started.

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