#WIN Sock It To Me {Catherine Cole Studio #Review and #Giveaway}

I am a high heels gal.  I love wearing them!  I like wearing them with jeans, capris, skirts, and dresses.  I love them so much I once said, “I am going to be cleaning the house in high heels while I am pregnant.”  ha ha Nothing came come between me and my heels.But then I found something that will…catherine Cole Studio socks!  Socks with high heels?  I k now what you are thinking but stay with me and I will explain.Catherine Cole Studio, founded in 1991, is a collection of lace-inspired socks and accessories.  They are made with “the utmost care in sewing and assembly.”  Catherine loves supporting American made hosiery mills.  Hooray for made in the USA!!There are socks you can wear with boots for you or your little one…There are also leg warmers that can be worn with boots or flats.  They are also great for dancers that want to add a little pizazz to their leotard.  (I loved doing that back in my dancing days.)Some of my favorites though are their socks for high heels.  These are absolutely adorable!!

Aren’t these little footlets the cutest things ever!  They will change any pump into something completely different.  With a little vintage, flirty flare added on your foot you are sure to steal the scene.You can even wear these with flats!Catherine Cole sent me a pair of footlets with a venise applique in white.  They are stretch lace that snugly hug your foot.  These look great with heels or flats, plain or patterned.  With just a little peek-a-boo of lace I can make my feet look fancy.
On Catherine’s site it says these fit up to size 8 but I have size 8 1/2-9 feet and they still fit great.  I like that they don’t slide under my heel when I walk.  That is always the worst when you constantly have to stop and fix your socks.  Not these!!Some of the footlets even have padding on the soles to help make your feet last longer in your heels.Another reason why I really like Catherine Cole Studio socks is the price!  They are all SUPER affordable!!  There are socks from $5 to $30.Catherine Cole Studio is giving everyone a great deal!  Use the discount code rmrv to receive $5 off any $25 or more purchase!! (expires 9/19)

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