*Pure*Fresh*Natural*{Jenulence Giveway}

Jenulence, a small family owned company, was created on February 2003 out of our love for all-natural and pure cosmetics and skin care products.All our products are 100% natural. We understand that it is very important to use naturally prepared makeup and cosmetics and not to overburden the body with any extra load of toxic substances, especially now, when we are bombarded with all kinds of chemicals beginning with pesticides in our foods and a variety of pollutants in the air and water.
That is why you will not find any artificial ingredients in our products. All our products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and they are never tested on animals. We use only food grade oils and aromatherapy grade essential oils that come from organic or wild sources in our skin care products. We use only pure cosmetic grade minerals and pigments to manufacture our mineral makeup. We do not use nano-particles, micronized minerals or FD&C, D&C or Aluminum Lake dyes that are almost always used in all conventional cosmetics and many mineral makeup products.We understand that skin is a living, breathing and detoxifying organ, which absorbs a big portion of what we put on it. It has been calculated that over her lifetime the average woman can absorb as much as five pounds of different chemicals from cosmetic and skin care products. Every “Natural” or “Botanical” cream and skin lotion always contains synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, solvents and artificial fragrances. All these ingredients could be damaging to our immune system and health.Our company’s motto is: If you can’t eat it, don’t use it on your skin.

I am always on the hunt for the perfect make up…something lightweight but with coverage, natural looking, made with natural products that will help my skin stay healthy and glowing…oh, and affordable! I know what you’re thinking, that’s a lot to ask for…I have found an answer in Jenulence beautiful all natural mineral make up for all skin tones! I received several sample products all wrapped in a sweet little bag and couldn’t wait to get out my brush and get to work! I have tried so many ”mineral” based make ups and have really found them to dry out my skin. After several days wearing the Jenulence Loose Mineral Foundation and Concealer, my skin was still healthy as ever, not over dried at all! I also take comfort in knowing there is an estimated SPF15 and the foundation is water and sweat resistant! Great for every day use! I am also a HUGE fan of a nice bronzer and am loving the Light Tan Warm Mineral Bronzer from Jenulence. Just gives my face a nice sun kissed warm glow {love this in the winter…makes me feel like I just hit the beach!} The Peach Mineral Blush is also a lovely option for cheeks, giving a nice peachy summery glow! Love it!Now, big secret…I just turned 30 this past week! Yep, the big 3-0! Anyway, I am a lover of all things anti-aging and my mom started teaching me to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize when I was really young. She has beautiful skin and I hope to keep mine looking great for as long as possible! I have been using the Anti Wrinkle Shea Butter Eye Cream and think it is going to be an addition to my anti aging regimen! It is designed to reduce puffiness, dark circles, skin discoloration, and wrinkles. It is light, firming and toning cream for delicate around-the-eye areas. Perfect product at an amazing price! Jenulence makes amazingly beautiful, all natural mineral make up, you will feel like you are treating yourself to something extra special when you use these products and know that you are taking good care of your skin!

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