Building Your Dream Home? 3 Environmental Factors To Consider

Building your dream home is one of the most exciting prospects of a lifetime. More homeowners are planning to build their own homes instead of buying established properties. Thanks to the plethora of information available on the internet, and various newspaper editorials and magazine columns which entail detailed ideas for inspiration, processes, and success stories.  

That being said, are you aware of the various factors which must be taken into consideration when in the planning stage of a soon to be constructed property? Well, the environmental impact on housing development should be at the forefront of your consideration as it is one of the most crucial aspects. Keeping this in mind, ask yourself these three questions before you begin planning to build your new home. 

Does the Area Flood?

Building your home in a highly prone flood area is not something you would want to.So, the first thing you must bear in mind is that area should be free of any calamities or natural disasters like floods. Regular flooding leads to undesirable drainage issues. Apart from it, these can not just cause serious effects on the instability of ground but also wreak havoc by causing subsidence of the land which is both an emotional and expensive problem. 

Is the Land Contaminated?

Drainage issues can make the land contaminated as can relative proximity to industrial sites such as factories, manufacturing facilities, and mines. So, before opting for architectural design services, ensure that the land is not contaminated else it will devastate the purity of the respective land and its surrounding area. This is especially pertinent when you are selling a property as it will make finding a profitable buyer much difficult. 

Preservation or Conservation Orders, if Any?

While we have land and water concerns on one side, preservation and conservation orders exist on the flip side of the coin. Check if the area you chose is subject to any sort of conservation or preservation of trees, historical sites, and flora and fauna respectively. If so, this may mean access to limited area for planning which can stifle your plans. 

However, if we look at the bright side of it, the astounding natural beauty shall not have to undergo any sacrifice and will remain in tact. 


Almost everyone longs for their dream home and takes desirable steps towards attaining it. And why not, it is a considerable investment to make! But, if you don’t consider the area you’re planning to build it in, you might have to face serious consequences. You may either end up with a property prone to natural calamities like floods or one with a highly contaminated ground, or constrictive regulations around development. 

Ultimately, all of these limit the potential return you expected from your investment in the first place. So, as the famous adage goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’, make it a point to consider the aforementioned factors so that you don’t become a victim to poor property. 

Apart from that, get in touch with the best architects in Nottingham who will leave no stone unturned to meet your expectations and cater to your requirements. Hurry, you’re just three steps away from constructing your dream home! 

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