Throughout my fitness journey I have stumbled upon some amazing companies offering really functional and beautiful products that have definitely played a major part in my progress, in both diet and fitness. I follow many health focused bloggers and pages on Instagram and those pages lead me to some pretty awesome products. One of these pages is Umoro. Umoro has created the best shaker bottle I have experienced; the Umoro One. Umoro generously sent me an Ocean Blue and Forever Pink Umoro One Shaker bottle to review. I was incredibly excited as I have been curious about these shaker bottles for a while now. Let me explain the uniqueness and genius idea of the Umoro One. It is a perfect supplement companion. You have the option to load a supplement {one heaping scoop} into a separate compartment in the lid and enjoy a beverage with or without it. When ready to add the supplement, all you have to do is push a button, the supplement compartment releases and then give the bottle a shake to mix the supplement.

So functional and totally convenient. When my Umoro Ones arrived I got them washed and ready to use immediately. I wanted to really put them to work for a few weeks before posting my review and make sure they would hold up to lots of use and washing. I was so excited as I loaded up my first supplements into the separate supplement compartment. It may sound silly, but when really working to maintain a healthy lifestyle, new gadgets and tools can really jazz things up and continue motivation and momentum. I loved that when I was ready to add my supplement, I just pushed the button and the supplement dropped right in ready to be mixed. No more messy transfer from supplements in plastic baggies. I had never even thought there would be a solution to that issue…and here it was, right in front of me! My teacher friends at work were all curious about my new find and I happily shared with all of them. Along with being functional, the Umoro One has a simple and eye catching design. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received on this water bottle. Sounds crazy, but people notice it. After weeks of use I am proud to report that my Umoro One still looks brad new and I have had zero issues with it. It works beautifully and has kept my water intake up and supplement use on course.

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