Bookworm! {Chuggington Giveaway}

Honk your horns because we’ve got traintastic news for you! Scholastic is launching FIVE new Chuggington books nationwide! Get ready to add some traintastic new books to your child’s library!

Chuggington is the popular new preschool television series that follows the humorous adventures of three trainees – Koko, Brewster, and Wilson – as they learn to ride the rails of life. While action and adventure drive the stories, this traintastic show also focuses on strengthening kids’ social-emotional skills, bringing to life relevant lessons such as being a good friend, respecting others, and the importance of telling the truth. Chuggington airs daily on Playhouse Disney, Disney Channel’s learning-focused programming block for preschoolers. Check your local listings and catch an episode with your little one, they will love it!

We are so excited about the five new Chuggington books, available nationwide from Scholastic! There is such a nice variety from heavier board type books to early readers, even a sticker book {sticker books were always my favorite growing up.}!! As soon as our box of books arrived, Ava and Hollis were both flipping through them, Ava talking about all of her favorite Chuggington characters and squealing from excitement. She loves Chuggington! Every day I look forward to the special time with my children before they go to bed when we snuggle and read a few stories together. Since the Chuggington books have arrived, they always choose a few to add to the bedtime story mix! I personally LOVE the Wilson and the Ice Cream Fair story. The early reader books are my favorite to share with Ava. They are simple enough that after she hears them a few times, she can then retell the story on her own, reading me the book! It is also such a cute story, a tale of teamwork and friendship. I am so thankful that Chuggington makes it such a huge priority to teach children through all of their materials the importance of good character, and all that goes along with it. With their high quality programs and products, Chuggington really has created life long fans in myself and my children. Honk your horns!!!

The Chugger Championship: It’s time for the big train race! Will Wilson or Koko be the first Chugger to cross the finish line?

All Around Chuggington: Kids will love being part of the traintastic action in this interactive lift-the-flap board book!
Welcome to Chuggington: Join Wilson for an exciting tour of Chuggington. Board Book.

Let’s Ride the Rails:

Readers can help the chuggers earn their train skills badges – and collect their own sticker badges along the way! Sticker book.

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