Dissolved Dilemma of Gifts for Your Vaper Friend!


Have a friend who’s totally in love with vapes and can’t spend an hour without it? And what’s the occasion by the way? A birthday, a farewell or a wedding? And you are totally confused about the best suitable gift for your dear buddy? But, if he or she likes vapes, then you’ve got the dilemma dissolved instantly! 

Most of the times, vapers are stocked well with everything that you can attribute to vaping for the sheer sake of convenience! But still, if you choose to gift them something that would fan their affinity for vaping, let’s get thinking of those multiple enticing ideas that could be the most cherished and wonderful gift for your pal.

Gift ideas for a friend who vapes like Romeo (in love with Juliet – the vapes)!

When you know your friend has given all his heart and soul to the vaping device, is crazy about the vapours, and totally passionate about the e-liquids, you don’t need to think twice before getting the best gift for him/her from a vape shop in Camden, The Vape Man is the perfect place to get all those extraordinary, great quality, branded vaping items for gifting under one roof! Let’s read about some of those exciting options below!

  • Replacement coils — Your friend may own numerous types of vaping devices and all would be better than another! But one thing all these devices need is a replacement coil. Some call it ‘cartomizers’ and others ‘atomizers’ – what’s in a name! They are an essential component of any vape and need to be changed every few months, depending on the usage of the device. You can just inquire about the type of vape your buddy uses and get the one best suitable for it!
  • Coil cleaning solution— All vapers require to clean their coils frequently for a better, tastier puff! And that is done by non-rubbing alcoholic solvent! Help them keep their device in great condition by gifting this cleaning solution on the special day!
  • New e-liquid flavours — E-liquids are basically the taste makers of any vape! And there are some enticing new flavours hitting the market every now and then. Let your friend try a new one through your gift and take him/her to Cloud Nine!
  • Beautiful vape stands and holders — Vapers love flaunting their vapes everywhere — in their office, at their home and even in their cars! Let them boast about it more by gifting them a super cool adorable stand or holder for the same, and let them be happier carrying or keeping their devices!  
  • Customised vape charms — There are vape mods and e-cigarettes that are pen shaped or have a place to hang a keychain or charm on it! Customise a wonderful such thing for them and let it intensify the beauty and also add a touch or personality and personalisation!
  • Meal at a vape friendly restaurant— And what seals a special day better than hosting a small lunch or dinner at a vape friendly restaurant?! You can chat for hours and vape alongside, and no one would raise an eyebrow! We are sure this would be one of the best gift your friend could wish for!  

So, didn’t you just have a list of quite a few gift ideas for your vaper friend? Well, then you are all set for a happy gifting experience!

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