Enjoy Unlimited Fun During Go Karting With Kids— Ensure They Are Safe and Sound!

Go Karting

Go karting is a great sport for kids! They love imitating their parents and role playing a driver in those sports car resembling karts! And you love enjoying the excitement and vigour that they put in driving and racing! But just as any sport has its safety rules and potential danger, go kart falls in the same category too! 

While go karts can be speedy and create an adrenaline rush in those juniors, it also could be a cause of major head trauma and neck injuries in many individuals. And there are also a few other extreme cases recorded of various serious injuries due to over speeding and other issues while go karting! But this doesn’t mean we are scaring you or your kids. But knowing the severity of any situation, especially when there are kids involved, staying safe is crucial for all of us!

How to ensure a safe go karting time for kids!

No doubt your kid may be an expert driver of those karts and doesn’t require any explanations and assistance in sports! But as a responsible adult, it’s your duty to ensure the kids are following all the safety rules required for a safe and thrilling go karting session. Read below of those safety tips, and make it mandatory to be followed every time they are ready to drive the kart.

  • Proper gears — Helmets are the most essential gears to be worn while driving the kart. And ensure it’s not just any helmet, but get proper go kart helmets from Melbourne Kart Centre, that are of excellent quality and also are available in cool, alluring colours! Make sure it fits the kid well. Now fasten the seat belt of the kart and then let your child drive the same.
  • Tucking of hair and proper attire — See to it that your child is wearing tight fitted clothes rather than loose baggy things (These things can easily get stuck in the kart and lead to severe accidents). Also, girls with long hair should tuck them in if they want to return safely with their tresses in place.
  • Be alert of other drivers — Well, your child couldn’t be driving the kart alone. Most of the time they have other kids competing with them too. Let them know how to be alert of the coming karts behind them and use their judgement to provide a way for them.
  • Don’t let them over-speed —Kids are impulsive and they are tempted to over-speed once they get their hands on the wheels. Set a rule to not over-speed, as this is the main cause of karts overturning (resulting in serious injuries).
  • Are the karts safe? — You are risking your kid’s life if you aren’t certain about the kart’s safety and good condition. Ensure it works well and all the parts are properly lubricated and working fine.

Though all the above rules do guarantee a safer time with karts, but still none of the children should go for this sport without guidance of an adult. After all, there’s a lot to be managed in this thrilling experience and kids alone wouldn’t possibly manage that!

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