Travel Mom. How to Compare Motherhood and Hobby?

Becoming a mother doesn’t have to mean that you give up on the thing that makes you happy! Today we are going to discuss how to travel with a baby, and we hope all of you out there who recently became parents and love traveling will enjoy reading!

A lot of new parents, especially mothers, believe that their lives need to change drastically when the baby arrives. It is true that you have to make a lot of adjustments and that there are things to get used to -for example, likely, you won’t get much sleep. But, unless there is some extraordinary reason,  you can continue doing all the things you were doing before little one come to this world. 

For many people, travel is an essential part of their lives. Some are traveling for work; some are in long-distance relationships; some enjoy exploring different places. When you become a mother, you will hear some folks saying that now, as your most significant role is motherhood, you can forget about traveling. That’s not true. Of course, you can keep on. There will be more things to think of and prepare, but there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t travel. On the contrary, it will be quite beneficial for both you and the baby. 

If you have doubts about ways how to travel with a baby, you are in the right place before you start packing yours and your kid’s backpacks.  

How to Travel With a Baby

The first thing that you need to check is when it is safe to travel with a newborn baby.  Of course, babies should go in the first weeks of their lives. There are a few reasons. First, being born is a new thing, and baby needs to adjust to life, environment, and so on. Moving her from place to place, having her see a lot of people, entering a plane, and so on can be pretty shocking.

Another thing is that a baby’s immune system isn’t entirely developed, so it is not recommended that they go to places with a lot of people, like the airport, train station, etc. Generally, doctors recommend that you wait at least a month, but preferably three before you can travel with the little one.  Keep in mind that this stands for healthy babies who are born in a term. If your kid is born prematurely or has a lung or another condition, consult a pediatrician before packing bags. 

  • Talk with Other Parents. Ask others who have already traveled with their infants to give you some tips on what works for them when they had their first domestic or international travel with a baby. This can help you understand what to expect and also how to prepare yourself and the little one for first trip. If you don’t have friends or relatives with children, then you can join parent groups on social media.  
  • Take Your Baby’s Birth Certificate or Get a Passport.  People like babies, so even when you go to the airport, everybody usually reacts positively. On that note, no one will probably ask you for a child birth certificate or a travel document, but it is better that you have it.
  • Choose a Good Airline Company. Same way how you are researching the best places to travel with a baby, search for the best airline company.  Of course, every company will try to provide the best services because they want clients to come back, but some are more family-friendly than others. 
  • Take Direct Flights. Changing planes, running from gate to gate, and so on is frustrating as it is, let alone with a baby. Book for direct flights as possible to make the most of the experience. 
  • Besides thinking about where to travel with a baby, you also need to prepare what to pack. Besides clothes and other necessities, keep in mind that you will surely need more than one bottle and bag of snacks. The better you are prepared, the smoother travel will be. 
  • Be careful not to pack more baby things than you can carry. A lot of people put more stuff than a baby’s needs and then have a problem running around the airport will all that extra load. 


It is not clear to us why some people that traveling needs to stop when you have a child. If you were wondering how to travel with a baby,  you see that it is not complicated. Surely you need to be well organized, but if you want something, nothing is complicated. We hope this text helped you out if you had any doubts or concerns. Do you have some ideas that we haven’t mentioned? 

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