The 4 Best Anime Series You’re Sure to Love

While people often roll their eyes at those of us who love Japanese animation, we’re actually much better off because of our passion.

Anime fans tend to have better mental health as a result of seeing mood-impacting bright colors regularly. We also think about meaningful concepts and exercise our imaginations often.

Whether you’re a child, a mother, or an imaginative student, watching anime goes a long way. That’s why we’re here to tell you some of the best anime series out there that you can start watching today!

1. Urusei Yatsura

Despite being a vintage series from the 80s, Urusei Yatsura is likely the single best anime out there. This classic anime series follows Ataru Moroboshi, the most unlucky teenager in the universe. He lacks ambition, with his only real aspiration being to get as many girls as possible.

Because he’s so unlucky, he’s randomly selected by an alien race to play tag with their princess. If he wins, they won’t invade the Earth! He does, indeed, win, but with a price: the gorgeous alien princess? Yeah, she’s madly in love with him now, and will give him a high-powered electric shock if he so much as looks at another girl!

2. Case Closed

If you love detective stories, Case Closed is a great one. After being turned from a teenager into a child, Jimmy Kudo, an incredibly observant kid, begins to solve cases under the name ‘Conan.’ With his Holmes-esque powers of deduction, he and his friends solve hundreds of cases!

This anime is also awesome because it’s produced by Universal, a world-renowned production agency.

If you’re looking for an amazing trip, get some Universal Studios Japan tickets and look into all the films, cartoons, and anime series that they create in Tokyo!

3. Black Butler

If you’re looking to watch a series that’s a bit darker, Black Butler is perfect for you. This series is set in Victorian England and follows a 13-year-old earl called Ciel Phantomhive. He’s the Queen’s Watchdog, solving mysteries for her.

However, the biggest twist is that Ciel has made a Faustian bargain to avenge the death of his parents by the hand of a murderous cult. The demon he’s in cahoots with, known as Sebastian Michelis, poses as his butler and protects him… in exchange for the promise of eating his soul at the end of the bargain.

4. Boarding School Juliet

On a lighter note, Boarding School Juliet is the high school drama that you never knew you needed. It’s a retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in which a boarding school exists on the border of two countries that are at war.

Each of these nations has its own boarding house, with Juliet Persia leading the White Cats House (based on the Western world) and Romio Inuzuka leading the Black Dogs House (based on Japan.) As you may have guessed, they’re secretly in love!

5. More on the Best Anime Series

Anime is a global phenomenon for a lot of reasons, including great characters, interesting writing, and creative concepts.

You now know the best anime series to watch so that you can unwind after your next exam or after putting the kids to bed. That means it’s time to get some more tips on living a happier, healthier life.

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