Luxury Hangers to Add to Your Wardrobe in 2020

Are you tired of those flimsy wire hangers or the unreliable plastic abominations piling up in your closet? Well, 2020 is the year you got rid of them and did some reorganization. You can lend a fresh breath of style to your wardrobe by merely swapping these bland hangers with their luxury counterparts.

While not many people will see your closet, your favorite suits and shirts will keep shape after dry cleaning better if you use high-quality hangers. Moreover, your wardrobe will ooze of style and finesse that complements your aura – something that will uplift you whenever you open the closet or awe anyone who gets a glimpse of it.

Here are the top luxury hangers you should consider for 2020.

1) Dark Matte Walnut Espresso Tailor Made Suit Hanger
This solid wood and sturdy metal wire hanger are designed to meet the needs of the sophisticated businessperson with a large number of suits. It has a sturdy and full shoulder design perfect for your jacket and a padded hanging wire that will take your pants without creasing them.
The color will blend perfectly into a dark and light décor while the sturdy build will ensure the hanger stays functional for years on end.
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2) Butler Luxury Gift Package
If you are looking for a simple package to revamp your whole cabinet, then this Butler Luxury Gift Package is the perfect buy for you. This package is perfect for the picky but busy buyer who can’t afford to mix and match all the hangers they need.
It will provide you the main items you need in your wardrobe. These include:

  • Two suit hangers
  • 20 shirt hangers
  • Ten trouser hangers
  • Two coat hangers

You can choose the hanger set depending on your body size. Size one is perfect for suits up to size 42, while size 2 is for anyone above 42.
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3) Tailor Made 2-Hang Custom Suit Hanger
This single hanger purchase pushes the limits even further by giving you two trouser hangers. It is perfect for your pants and coat hanging needs if you wear more than one pair of pants with a single jacket. This product will not only reduce your wardrobe’s footprint but also make it easier for you to pick your clothes on those fast days.

The hanger is made of genuine beech wood imported from Germany and finished to a variety of tints. The wood section is thick and well designed to ensure that it gives the perfect support to tailored collars and shoulders of your coats and shirts.
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4) Wood and Wire Padded Trouser Hanger
If you are just keen on adding space for your trousers, this specific trouser hanger is the perfect purchase for you. It has a stout padded wire hanging section for your pants. The design goal of this hanger is to help your clothes retain their crease and beautiful finish no matter how long you keep them hanging.

The extra thick and plush padding around the wire hanger ensures that your trousers look fresh no matter how long they stay in your closet. It is beautiful and easier to use than most trouser hangers in the market.
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The Bottom Line
Buying quality hangers makes your wardrobe look good every time you open it up to pick your daily attire. It makes it easier to organize your clothes and keep them looking fresh long after you get them cleaned and ironed. Head over to Butler Luxury today and get your dream hangers from the considerable catalog on offer there.

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